Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fortune Teller's Prediction

I used to love reading horoscopes and getting my fortune told. I found it fun and I was always able to believe the good ones and forget about the bad ones. But this ability seem to be gone in the recent couple of years. Now whenever I flip to the horoscope section on magazines, I always need to use all my willpower to not read it. I was very afraid that I would read bad things about the week ahead.

My mum goes to the fortune teller every new year and most of the predictions have been accurate. I always tell her to just tell me the good things and not tell me the bad things because I do not want to know. Yet she told me something earlier this year that has been affecting me till now. Yes, more than half a year have passed and that particular bad prediction has been bothering me at the back of my head. Sometimes I finally manage to forget about it already, but she remind me :( I am especially scared because this fortune teller has been spot-on for my sister during the previous years.

I've briefly wrote a similar entry some months back regarding this fortune teller thing. About how pointless it is to try so hard when it all depends on what the fortune teller says.

The dislike/phobia reading horoscopes got even worse after I learnt about "The Secret" this year, which is about the law of attraction. "The Secret" teaches that like attracts like, which means that the more you think of something, the more it will happen. Something like that lah. So this is the reason I'm afraid of knowing too much, which will lead to thinking too much, and end up attract this bad prediction to come true. Sometimes I think this kind of thing is also self-prophecy. Sigh, I just wish this year will pass by quickly and overthrow the fortune teller's prediction.

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