Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cable Cars and Sentosa

This could be my most backdated entry ever. It was almost 3 months ago I went to Sentosa, and only now I'm blogging about it. Reason being was the huge number of photos I took that day, which I was too lazy to sort out. Finally! I managed to finish shortlisting some photos among several repetitive angles, deleting the photos that were not so nice, editing and re-sizing the photos.

I love going to Sentosa. It feels very much like an outing every single time, maybe because it's on an island separate from Singapore.

This time, instead of getting there via the monorail, we took the cable car from The Jewel Box!

There was an "Angry Birds" showcase during that time... Not really a fan, but this real-life shooting thing is so cute!

An obligatory photo with the Angry Birds! My fave is actually the blue one, which looks more sad than angry. Haha.

I have not taken cable cars for quite some years already I think. The last few times were the ones up the mountains to Genting Highlands, which were quite scary when the wind swayed the cabins and far down is a forsaken forest. I totally forgot about the scariness though, until I took it again this time.

Was scared to bits, but beautiful view!

Across the seas.... I can't swim, so it was definitely nerve-wrecking for me. Can't wait for the ride to be over!

Almost there!!

Take a photo to distract myself. Hehe.

And finally!!! I reached the other side safely. Phew! Reason why I was so scared was because I stupidly went to read up on the Sentosa cable car accident that happened in the 80s.

I'd stick to cabs or monorail in the future. Haha.

First thing we did was to take the Luge. I love this!! It's such a thrill to be riding down the slopes at high speed.

Haha, you see my nail polish and you know it's from quite some time back.

It was kinda disgusting to wear all these helmets that many other sticky sweaty strangers wore before me though. Not even sure if the previous person had scalp oil or dandruff remaining on the helmet! Quite unhygienic and stinky but no choice :-(

Went to the Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium after that! Had bought discounted coupons for it but the counter to exchange tickets was closed already so we ended up buying tickets at original price. So end up we paid the full price + coupon price to visit this museum -_- It was not very worth it though.

Mostly about the shipping trade during early times. Paid to enter the Typhoon Theatre to experience being on a ship while the Typhoon comes! This is probably the most entertaining part of the whole museum. Because the rest of the exhibits were really too boring unless you have a special interest in ships and trade.

Me on a fake wagon! Actually when posing for the photo I was not really sitting cos I was afraid of breaking it! Haha.

There was this section of the museum which was quite interesting! The description mentioned about pirates during the olden times. The photo below is me having a discussion with some pirates on how to rob the other ships. Hehe.

Went for the Skyride!

Seriously I don't know why time and time again I go and scare myself with stuff that I am afraid of. I regretted every single time I go up the Skyride but previous experiences did not deter me from trying again. Crazy one.

So scary to be high up! This is worse than cable car I think. At least cable car you have four walls protecting you. The skyride has no shield!!!!!

After we got up the mountain, we went down with Luge again! It was my first time playing the Luge at night and it was a totally different experience. Again, it was quite scary because I felt alone in the middle of nowhere (no other players passed by me throughout the journey) and what if I suddenly see "those things" at the side of the empty dark road? What if the road is never ending? Omg, I'm such a timid person, everything also scared hahaha.

On to watch Songs Of The Seas! It was quite awesome when I watched it last time. This time I already knew what was going to happen so it was slightly less impressive... but still very nice!

Photo of fireworks! ^_^

Famished and time for late dinner! Most of the restaurants have closed so we ended up at this american style cafe.

Had Asian cuisine in such a western setting because I was craving for Chinese food.

This minced chicken thingy below is quite nice! Crispy and goes well with rice.

That sums up my trip to Sentosa. Finally I cleared this backlog! Yay!

(Credit: Cropped top is from

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