Friday, June 14, 2013

Nook House Of Pancakes

The folks at Nook House Of Pancakes kindly invited me for lunch last weekend. I got my boyfriend and his two friends to join us! I was so excited because I read about Nook's interesting concept on magazines some time back and was very keen to try creating my own D.I.Y pancakes!

The place is a simple set up, with pans like this on every table.

First, when you eat pancakes, you definitely must have a drink in hand. Tea seemed like a good choice!

My ice cafe latte was great! Taste was just nice for me.

We also ordered chocolate milkshake and strawberry milkshake. It was very thick and dense, almost like melted ice-cream!

Some sides we ordered to go with the pancakes. Honey baked ham, scrambled eggs and sauteed mushrooms. They also have other regular breakfast items on the sides menu which you can add on so that it's not just pancakes on your plate.

Easy steps to creating your pancakes!

We ordered two sets of batter. Each set gives us two bottles of batter (1-2 flavor) and three toppings. There were five flavors of batter - Original buttermilk, chocolate, banana, strawberry, pandan. We had everything except banana flavor. Rational was, the original color should be close to banana color so if we wanted only four flavors, removing Banana should be the right choice. Our six toppings were peach, blueberries, banana, m&m, cream cheese, and peanut butter. Just realize I didn't try the cream cheese! The pancakes were quite nice on its own, so I didn't really pair with the toppings most of the time.

Fun time begins!!!

My first "drawing" is a pink heart! Simple one to start! Previously I did try making regular round pancakes at home with pancake mix but failed miserably as it turned out too oily, burnt, and light. But the pancakes we did at Nook were easy and nothing was charred! Density was just nice.

Next drawing I did was flower. Simple again ^_^

Meanwhile, the boys were more adventurous! All of them started to whip out their devices and search online for images to draw. This is bf attempting to draw a shark by referencing to an image he found on his ipad.

The other two referenced their phones... This one tried to draw a Hamtaro.

Drawing of Yoshi!

Quite successful lah!

When flipped over it looks like this.

Here are some more random drawings I did! I chose to draw simple drawings throughout.

My drawing of a car! Got headlights one!

Tic tac toe and ice cream.

Seaweed and fish. Bf took the fish and placed it between two round pancakes of the same size and called it fish burger. hahahah.

I did the pizza and chicken drumstick. The dog was done by one of them!

Some of their drawings:

I quite like this one!

This one below supposed to be Snoopy but was ruined within the first few strokes so was changed to become a random cute character. Haha.

Bf did a five-legged octopus!

The whole session was so fun!

There is a monthly ongoing pancake competition. Check out their facebook page for more ideas and other awesome drawings!

Do drop by some day with your friends!

21 Lorong kilat #01-03 Singapore 598123
Tel: 6466 1811

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  1. Another creative way of selling pancakes.. these will be greatly appreciate by anyone.