Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Youtube Fan Fest

Thanks to Churpchurp, I had tickets to attend Youtube Fan Fest with my boyfriend! ^_^

There were two dates to choose from and since I really wanted to see Ryan Higa, we got the 2nd date although I didn't really recognize the other stars for that night.

Photo before entering the grand ballroom.

I was late so there was already a lot of people. Luckily we found seats for two in the middle. Turns out I was there at the right time because just a few minutes after we sat down, the show started.

Here's the lineup for the night! I didn't know most of them before the event, as I'm not really an avid follower although I watch videos on YouTube alot. Don't have photos of them on stage as we were quite a distance away and photos are all blur.

Joseph Vincent was unexpectedly humorous and his segment was quite entertaining. I went to watch one or two of Eat Your Kimchi's videos the night before attending so I sort of knew what they are about. They are also funny! Of course, the main highlight of the night was probably Boyce Avenue and Ryan Higa. When Ryan appeared the whole hall screamed and he is really quite the charmer.

Once again, thanks to Churpchurp for the tickets! ^_^

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