Sunday, June 2, 2013


This entry is going to be all blissful and white!! After the Garnier Sakura White Tea Party, it was time for Mystery Makan! This time, it was Nadia's turn and she brought us to this lovely place called "Blisshouse" located at Central.

The entrance. Lots of oooohh and wahhhh by us girls because it's so pretty!

The dreamy and flowery entrance.

The inside was mostly white and the ground was "grass"! The whole place looked very sweet and I think it would be a really pretty place to hold themed weddings or birthday parties!

I chose to sit facing the sun because that equals to nice and brightly lit photos!! Then when it was time to take photos of the food, I had to go opposite as the food looks brighter taken from the same direction as the sun! Picture with Jacelyn! Her dressing is so matching for this place!

This was my main course. Love fish! By the way, initially I had low expectations for the food because places that fare well in decor usually have mediocre food. BUT, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food at Blisshouse. Everything was yummy and good!

Fidelis' pasta. It smelt so good when it came, I almost wish I ordered that too.

Nadia's steak. Check out the carrots cut into the shape of mini carrots!!! So cute!!!

Love the presentation of the food! This was our mushroom for sharing. It tastes as good as it looks!

Jacelyn had the duck leg.

Photo with Nadia. She had to come over to my side for the "nice lighting"... Haha!

Beside our table was this nice stage with a white piano at the side. This place looks so romantic right?!?!

Photo with Fidelis at the piano.

Such a beautiful place to take photos at!

Besides the decor, the service was also extremely good here. Definitely a thumbs up for this place. Thanks to Nadia for discovering this place!!