Sunday, May 26, 2013

Garnier Sakura White Tea Party

Attended the Garnier Sakura White Tea Party along with Nadia, Jacelyn, Fidelis and other beauty bloggers some time back! I was very interested to know more about the Sakura White range because I'm constantly on a lookout for whitening skincare products.

There are basically four items in the range - Cleansing foam, Lotion, Moisturizing cream and Whitening mask. These four products claim to make our skin fair, transparent (highly hydrated), smooth, even, and rosy!

That means less yellow, less brown and more pink! Basically, just pale white is not good enough. Bright skin + rosiness is the key! I haven't had time to start using the products yet, will do so soon!

On to our next activity after the short introductory talk...

Scrapbooking!!! The people from Garnier invited a scrapbooking instructor to guide us along! It was so so so fun! I love doing crafts and anything to do with art. ^_^

Here's my final piece! Everyone did our design differently but all was pretty! Well, nothing can go wrong with pink and florals right? Haha.

Some photos with the girls!

Of course, what is tea party without food? Although this photo I took is of the sushi, I actually want to say that the macarons were AWESOME~!!

Okay, I'm signing off here. Bye!

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