Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant

This entry is so backdated! More than a month back, bf and I celebrated our first year anniversary at Ikoi, located at Miramar Hotel.

Reason was, I had craving for Japanese food throughout that week and a Japanese buffet sounds like a good idea! So, we shortlisted several choices and ended up with Ikoi.

We ate so much! Let me elaborate just some.

We were served some 'complimentary' appetizers at the start of the meal. What I don't understand is why it is specially called 'complimentary' when during a buffet, everything is 'complimentary'. Haha. I love ala-carte buffets by the way. In my opinion, usually ala-carte buffet have better quality food than self-serve buffets. However, the downside to ala-carte buffets is that sometimes it's difficult to constantly get the attention of the staff and on other times, some orders get forgotten. It would be great if it is computerized like Sakae Sushi!

So anyway, these two are the 'complimentary' appetizers.

I didn't eat this. Not keen.

But this, salmon sashimi soaked in some soy sauce mixture, was HEAVENLY. Too bad that this dish is limited to only 1 per person, else I would probably order 5 more.

I heard the sashimi here is good and indeed the salmon was very fresh and yums!

Didn't particularly like the other type of sashimi aside from Salmon. Perhaps it's just me.

California roll.

Assorted maki.

My fave, Salmon again! Haha.

Ikoi serves a wide range of Japanese food, from sushi, sashimi, fried, grilled, etc! They also have mini versions of ramen, udon, and rice dishes. These are only so-so though. Food is not top-notch but good enough to satisfy my craving for Japanese food ^_^

Apparently many celebrities visited this restaurant. The photos are plastered all over the wall.

It was a nice and simple anniversary dinner with bf! We are now more than a month past one year. Time pass extremely fast! I just want to say... thanks for being my pillar of support through these times :)

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