Saturday, May 18, 2013

Today, I'm blogging about today

Yep, as the title suggests, I'm blogging about Today today.

Bf brought me and my sister to Korean BBQ buffet lunch at some ulu place today. Sadly, the food was a total disappointment for all of us. The selections were quite limited and the taste was nothing close to the other Korean BBQ I had before.

The plates were disposable styrofoam and it 'melted' a few times after I put hot food on it. The soup was tasteless. When I commented that it was tasteless, bf said "no lah" but after that I saw him pour some soy sauce in. Didn't expose him but he will know that I know when he reads this. Hahaha. And, the tasteless soup in the "pot" was not boiling at all. My sister calls it "the soup that never boils". Haha. I didn't dare to eat anything from it after biting into a hard, raw piece of fishball that has been cooking since the start of the meal. Soup bowls from the counter was mostly dirty as well (lucky I checked before drinking from it!). Towards the end of the meal, we tested the soup by cracking an egg inside. It was the slowest-cooking egg I have ever witnessed. You know how egg whites usually form within seconds inside boiling water? It didn't happen until quite some time later. Of course, nobody ate that egg.

The price wasn't cheap too. For the amount we paid, we could have ate much better food.

Went over to Nex afterwards to walk around. Got myself new books because they were only $3.60 - $7.10 after card discount!!

Outfit of the day with sis!

Wore accessories from to add something to the otherwise casual outfit!

Super love the necklace! The design quite unique! Head over to if you like it too!

New gelish nail color done at Millys! Simple but bright! ^_^ Feel very happy whenever I look at my nails now!‎

Anyway I forgot to bring my phone out today! It resulted with me being more talkative than usual, until bf cannot tahan and my sis kept laughing at us. Haha. Okay, shall end this entry here. Bye~!


  1. Too bad about your meal, that sounds terrible. Hanna

  2. Try Dae Bak at amoy street! I've been there and the place is really popular :)

  3. You should visit the one at Bras Brasah!(: $25++ for dinner and the things are really yummy!No soup haha mainly meat,kimbap,kimchi and some appetizers. (: