Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

How did you celebrated Mother's Day with your Mum this year?

On the day itself, Dad and Sis were away at work so me and Bf brought her out for dimsum lunch at Marriott Hotel!

Before I go into that, let me tell you all what happened the night before! My family usually goes to bed slightly pass midnight. Before 12AM, I crept into her room and placed our gifts inside her wardrobe. We were hoping that before she goes to bed, she would open her wardrobe and tada~~ surprise!

Our plan didn't went exactly as planned. When it was time for bed, she went directly to her bed, attention fixated on a Candy Crush game on her phone. We continued to chat some random nonsense with her in the room, so that we can see her reaction when she eventually opens the wardrobe door! Usually we don't do that, so she should suspect something right? But the usually clever mum, did not even notice the strangeness.... Hahaha.

While mum wasn't looking, dad went to open her wardrobe door secretly. Then he said... "eh,  you never close your door ah". Hahahahaha. Didn't know Dad's acting so good.

BUT, mum's eyes didn't leave her phone screen for even a second. She just said "close lor." Haha. At this point, me and sis were already trying not to burst into laughter!

Then, we really couldn't wait any longer. I said... "妈咪,你睡觉前没有开橱的meh?"... Hahaha. She looked at us for a moment and then finally realize what was happening and happily went to retrieve the presents from her wardrobe.

Haha. We got her a bag and some beauty items! Hope she likes the gifts!

So as I mentioned at the start of the entry, we went to have dimsum. Here's my outfit breakdown for the day!

Outfit c/o
Feather Earrings
Black Off Shoulder Dress
Black Classic Bag

Wedges from I have the green version earlier and loved it so much I got the exact same design in blue this time. I specially got the feather earrings to match the color of the wedges.

If you noticed... I wore a tube inside. Because the low-cut is really too revealing for me! I don't have the substance to wear it nicely... For girls who are well endowed, this dress will look EXTREMELY GOOD on you. I can already imagine! Besides that, the off-shoulder and cutting of the dress is really nice too!

We went to Wan Hao Restaurant at Marriot Hotel.

We ordered ALOT. Way too much in fact. We ate around 30 types of dishes and even got double portions for some... We didn't have space for Dinner later on!

The food here is not bad actually. I like the custard egg bun while it's hot! Carrot cake's texture was quite boing boing too.

My favorite was the steamed fish, as usual! We only had one portion of this though... cos towards the end we were getting really too full. Haha.

Out of all the dimsums, my top 3 is still 1. Hargow. 2. Fried Prawn Dumplings 3. Prawns in fried beancurd skin. You can see I like prawns a lot. Haha. The siew mai and scallop dumpling here is quite nice too~

Oh! Soya sauce chee cheong fun is also one of my top dimsum choices....! Which is your favorite dimsum that you always order?

Happy Mama Day!


  1. Is the dress from Jipaban too? Can't seem to find it );