Thursday, May 2, 2013

Where I was last week

Haven't been blogging for quite awhile! Was busy at work over the past few weeks and finally catching up on rest these few days!

Because of work, I got to stay at St Regis Hotel for a few days last week! ^_^

The hotel interior is really pretty, elegant and feminine. Here are some photos snapped throughout the four days! Tell you first, all the photos are really random ones from the phone. Haha.

The bed was very very very comfy! Why can't my bed be like that at home too. Haha. Too bad I didn't really had the chance to enjoy much sleep throughout the stay because I had to stay up for work. On the last day bf came to pick me up from the hotel to bring me home, I was so tired that I slept in the car throughout. Funny thing was, I dreamt that I was still working. Lol.

My favorite incentive when staying in a hotel is the daily breakfast!

Dessert after delicious seafood dinner! At first I thought one was for sharing because it's huge!

Then on one of the nights, we had Korean BBQ! Yums!

On the last day after we checked out, we had Italian lunch at LaBrezza. It's a lovely place beside the pool. Would love to come back here again another time!


  1. The hotel looks so pretty! But the bed looks odd. I'm surprised it was comfortable. Hanna

    1. That's not the bed haha. It's the sofa!

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