Sunday, May 19, 2013

Folks Collective

Bf recently brought me to this new restaurant "Folks Collective". He knew about this place after his friend posted some photos online and got him interested!

It's really a lovely place! The decor has a lot of character and ambiance was nice with the dim lights.

One thing, the service here is REALLY commendable. The staff were attentive, polite and sincere. It's very rare to see that in restaurants now! Most restaurants were at most not rude.

The food was quite good! Love the basil minced meat, and sambal prawn! Crispy tofu was quite plain though... The prawn pancake was ok but not that good. The signature wings got sent to us but we sent it back to the kitchen as we didn't order that. Now that I think about it, we should have tried it instead!

I recommend this place for a date night or girls night out! ^_^

Folks Collective 
20 Cross Street
01-25 China Square Central
Singapore 048422

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday from 11am to 11pm.