Thursday, May 9, 2013

I love mandopop!

Today's entry is going to be quite random. One fine day, me and bf went to Plaza Singapura hoping to have lunch at Tim Ho Wan, the highly-raved dimsum place that just arrived at our shores! No such luck, the queue was extremely long! Settled for Kazokutei at Tokyo Walker.

My kimchi soup is awesome! Bf's bowl of Pork Kimuchi Nabeyaki looked extremely appetizing with the egg on top but my Chicken Kimuchi Nabe Gozen tasted better! Super enjoyed my lunch, except that the sushi were quite disappointing. Have been craving salmon sushi all the time these few weeks so I ordered a plate in addition to the assorted ones that came with my set. So full in the end!!

After lunch, we watched "Judgement Day"! Quite nice la the show. Chua En Lai is super funny in it. Haha. So anyway, as the title suggests, it is a movie about the end of the world. So after the movie I asked bf how he would spend the last 3 days before the end of the world and he said he would spend the time sleeping. Crazy! Lol.

Wore this bracelet from Jipaban! Love the patterns and unique design!

And my bag is from Earthdoll, located at Bukit Panjang Plaza #03-21!

As mentioned in my entry yesterday, Essensuals Bugis recently turned 3!!  Check out the current promo! The prizes are SO ATTRACTIVE!!!!

This promotion is for the entire month of May! Every $80 spent entitles to 1 chance. Just drop your raffle entry into the drop box in the salon. Winners will be selected on 2nd June 2013 at Essensuals Bugis!

Call them at 63330039 to book your appointment or find out more about the promo!

And, 50% off on all hair treatments from now till 20th May 2013!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.

Since this entry is already so random, let me just add two more photos from quite some time back! Had a good chatting session with Ben and Randy over frozen yogurt! Actually want chat awhile only in the end chat until so late, I need to take cab home!! I clearly remembered that earlier on I was very determined not to take cab home that day! Haha.

Actually the title has nothing to do with this entry. Haha. I wrote that because while writing this, I'm also listening to some mandopop songs by Taiwanese singers and suddenly feel the urge to say that I will always love mandopop the most. I grew up in an era when mandopop was popular, so everytime I listen to familiar mandopop songs I have a lot of feelings. And everytime I hear awesome lyrics (which is like, 7 out of 10 songs), I keep wanting to declare my love for mandarin song lyrics but then I remember that I have repeatedly expressed it so many times before already so I stop myself in time. Haha. But really lor, some lyrics are so beautifully written!

Example of some of my favorites:

"為什麼你帶我走過最難忘的旅行, 然後留下最痛的紀念品."

"想念如果會有聲音, 不願那是悲傷的哭泣. "

"忍不住原谅是拒绝想象, 追究的下场会把未来埋葬.
当爱是最强的渴望 就失去放手的力量.
忍不住原谅是有过天堂, 才会再向往回美丽的过往.
容忍并不是太软弱 是深情的坚强, 在别人眼里的傻是多勇敢的爱啊."

I could go on and on and on... But lets stop here.

Ok bye!


  1. Hi! Did you have to bleach your hair when you did the highlights? (: