Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hello people! So, I had five days off work from Thursday till yesterday and it was super shiok! If only I could be so free all the time. Haha. Was a productive and fruitful five days spent. Met Fiona and Ruoxuan on Thursday, went for movie and Ikea with the family and met Ben for Singapore Social Concert on Friday, met Ben again on Saturday for nothing, met Bf for movie and Ikea on Sunday, and met Ben and Isaac yesterday for dinner! (Crazy right, meet Ben so many times lol.) The rest of the time I spent it on watching videos and complaining about my slow computer which is about to crash anytime soon. This paragraph took me a longgggg time to type because it's just too laggy, the words on the screen can't catch up with my keyboard input speed!

So on Thursday, I met Fiona earlier for KTV and it was a great session! The fried seaweed chicken was so yummy that I actually wanted to eat more than I wanted to sing. Haha.

Ruoxuan came to meet up with us for dinner at Bedok85. Anyway, the renovations are finally done but I prefer the temporary site actually! The temporary site was brighter, neater, and had more empty seats! Anyway, I felt that the renovation was quite redundant. I felt that nothing much changed except that the number of seats actually went down! The unsheltered area which was previously foldable wooden tables and plastic stools are now replaced with cemented tables and chairs which takes more space and less people. But still I simply love the food at Bedok85. I wish a hawker centre like that exists in my neighbourhood. I had sambal stingray, chaichee pork porridge add egg, bbq wings, oyster omelette. Wish I had space in my stomach for the sambal sotong and prawn too! Haha. Gonna try the Ba Chor Mee next time.

Wore top from Earthdoll (Bukit Panjang Mall #03-21). I love the demin + chiffon material and the shiny studs at the front!

Of course, I will blog about the rest of the meetups next time! It was lucky that I had new clothes and accessories from Earthdoll (Bukit Panjang Mall #03-21), LyraminnJipaban and Partandparcel to dress myself up for the five days of activities!

Speaking of Jipaban, they are holding a JIPABAN X BLOGGER BAZAAR on 2nd June!!! KEEP YOUR SUNDAY FREE OK!

Me, along with other bloggers will be setting up a space to sell our stuffs! I'd be selling brand new/worn-once clothes at really low prices!! Might go as low as $2 - $5 for some of them. Please come and support us  okay! Come early and be one of the first 1000 to get the goodie bags!!!

Besides us bloggers, there will be food and drinks and Jipaban will also be selling lots of items (menswear, womenswear, accessories, bags, shoes, games, stationary, DVDs and books). Check out more information on: http://www.jipaban.com/blog/2013/jipaban-x-blogger-bazaar/ and https://www.facebook.com/events/380783848706567!



  1. Ah I wish I could have such a long break! Hanna

  2. Wuihhh!!! I can't wait for it then ! ^.^