Monday, May 13, 2013

Brunch at Azur

Erm, yep, another food post.... Very soon I would have to relabel my blog from "lifestyle" to "food and ootd". Haha. So anyway, this entry is extremely backdated! I have been busy the previous month and I have been lazy this month :x

Carrie invited me, the girls and our partners to Azur Restaurant located at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport to try their newly unveiled weekend brunch menu! Let me start off the entry with OOTD photos.

I am absolutely in love with this light-yellow dress from Smitten at! Especially love the embroidery patterns. I usually give away or sell my clothes after one-time wearing but there is a small selection of dresses that I really like and keep for a long time. This is definitely one of the dresses I would keep in my wardrobe.

My bracelet is also from! It looks like 3 layers of different bangles but actually it's one long piece! Very versatile and pretty piece. Like it a lot and have been wearing it often.

Close up of the bracelet:

My earrings.... are also from! Someone told me I looked very feminine that day! I think so too haha. Besides the dress, I think the earrings were also a contributing factor.

They are actually floral earrings on a closer look. Very dainty!

Moving on to the food...

As mentioned earlier, Azur launched their new weekend brunch menu and I loveeeeeee it! Actually I like this menu much more than the previous time I was there. There was so much food I wanted to try them all!

Azur has always been known to bring together the best of Eastern and Western cuisine, so the new menu is no exception although it promises an exciting exploration of flavors around the world, featuring local and international cuisine..

Fidelis LOVES their cold platter / seafood section. Although I don't eat oysters, I had a go at the chilled lobsters and crabs. Refreshing! The rest had plates after plates after plates of them....!

Of course, what's brunch without Eggs right??? I love eggs! I especially love it when I see egg stations at buffets. Sunny side ups, scrambled eggs, mushroom omelettes...... Eggs are always a sure-win.

The weekend brunch menu also featured local favorites such as Prawn noodles (it was good!), fluffy Ham Chim Peng with three delicious fillings – Sesame, Peanut or Lotus Paste and many others.

Bf's platter of western classics.

They also had the Braised “Dong Po” Pork Belly and Kong Bak Pao!!! A wide range of asian food includes steamed fish fillet (my all-time-chinese-food-fave), roasted chicken (yum yum), etc. This was bf's plate again, because I was too eager to start feasting to care about taking photos. Haha. Really, there were SO MANY VARIETY to choose from.

We had lots to choose from the dessert bar too! What a heavenly way to end off the indulgent meal.

Some highlights include Durian Profiteroles, Crème Brulee, Miniature Pastries, Desserts in Mini Shooter Glasses and Chocolate Walnut Brownies. You can even make your own an icy cool Singapore Ice Kachang and pile on your favourite condiments, syrups and carnation milk for a decadent sweet treat!

Now, photos:

Photo with the girls after our awesome meal.

The Weekend Changi Brunch is available every Saturday and Sunday, 12.30pm to 3.30pm.
Price: Adult: $45.00++ Child: $22.50++

To make a reservation at Azur, please call 6823 5354 or email
Like them on Facebook to be updated on their latest promotions!

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