Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Beanstro Breakfast Special

I hate waking up early.
But I also love it when I wake up early.

I hate it when I wake up late because I would feel that I wasted half the day away.
But I also love it when I have the luxury of not having to wake up at a specified time.

Contradicting ya?

The reason why I feel good about waking up early is that somehow, when I do that, the day is longer and I get more things done. Especially during the weekends, I love to pack my day from morning till night with activities! It makes my weekend more fulfilling and Monday comes slower. Haha.

And the next best thing to waking up early? Having yummy breakfast.

I am not a breakfast person because I don't really like to have dry food like bread in the morning. But if my dining table has a spread of hot savoury food like fried bee hoon, chee cheong fun, minced meat congee, chwee kueh, etc, I confirm eat it even if I'm already late for my appointment (and become double my current size in no time.)

Same goes for brunch food. I just love eggs so much. And Beanstro by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has just what I need with FOUR new egg dishes on the Breakfast Special menu, on top of the already wide variety of breakfast items on the regular menu.

Beanstro looks like this from outside! This is the Takashimaya branch and the breakfast special is exclusively served here.

After ordering our drinks (Iced Cafe Latte, Berry'd Treasure), we asked for recommendations for sides and was pointed to the battered mushrooms. It's not bad but I would prefer it to be more crispy and less batter though.

Out of four egg items: Egg Beef Patty, Egg Florentine, Egg Salmon & Asparagus, and Egg Royal, we ordered the 2nd and 3rd one.

Very pleased with my choice, Egg Florentine! It is similar to Eggs Benedict, except that it has spinach. Really very yums!! I remember the bread being just the way I like it too. Not too tough and tasted great.

Hand-cut calamari is too bad too. Same comment as what I have for the battered mushrooms, would prefer it to be more crispy. But it's all personal preference I guess.

Bf's dish of Egg Salmon & Asparagus was fragrant when it arrived on our table. I loved this one too!!! The salmon, asparagus and eggs matched each other very well. Sigh as I am writing this I am craving to have it again. I guess I have to be fast, because the breakfast specials will only be around till end of July! I hope they include these items in their regular menu!

Mozzarella fritters because bf wanted to try. It's very cheesy and good for those who love cheese. But it's really ALOT of cheese and can be quite "jelat" especially since it is fried cheese. Each piece is all cheese!

Would love it if it came in smaller size :)

Left Beanstro with these coffee products.

OOTD: Red chiffon top from the Clothes Buffet at Jipaban's Lollipop-up blogger bazaar. 

**This is an invited tasting session**

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