Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jipaban X Blogger Bazaar

Earlier this month, Jipaban held a Lollipop-up X Blogger Bazaar at Zouk! Me, along with many other bloggers, set up little stalls for the day to sell our pre-loves and some brand new clothings to shoppers at awesome prices.

When I reached, there was already a long queue waiting outside! Inside was hectic, everyone rushing around getting ready!

The event was so much fun! A nice gathering session for the bloggers, readers had chances to chitchat and take photos with their favorite bloggers, we got to see Jipaban's new collection first, and lots of super good deals! We also had sweet treats from Humble Beginnings (their crepe cakes are SUPERB), and coffee from Strangers' Reunion.

There were clothes buffet sessions where shoppers pay a small fee to get the Jipaban bag and one minute to stuff all they can into the bag. It is really a good deal! I took part in the special edition session and scored myself a huge bagful of clothes!!! Very easy actually, just anyhow grab everything and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze! Bring home then sort the haul! Haha. One of them even managed to squeeze a big bag into the Jipaban bag! We all looked damn aunty while doing it but worth it lah!

Photos with some of the nuffies and other bloggers who were there too!

With Jayne! No need to introduce already right, my blog manager!

My twitter manager, Hui Xian!

Others: Rachell, Agri, Jade Seah (host), Sophie, Mei Ting!

With Ben and Randy who were selling Benranaway Tees for charity! I bought one to support them!

Saw lots of their fans putting on the tee immediately after purchasing! Haha.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by and bought from me. Hope you like the items! I look forward to participating in more fleas and meeting more of you!

Meanwhile, do check out Jipaban!

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