Thursday, June 20, 2013

Showing off Ben's camera

After resigning from my previous job, I had more free time and could finally hang out on weekdays daytime! Just nice Ben is having his holidays and Isaac too. One of us wanted brunch and after texting on whatsapp, we went to prepare and head out immediately! Love how spontaneous this meet up was!

Met up at Ion after Isaac gave us several choices to choose from and most of them being far out in the west, Orchard was the nearer one for me.

Love going out in day time cos photos come out nicer!

(You see the girl behind, not posing also look like supermodel!)

Realize that the sunlight was great that day so we took plenty of photos!

This photo below, we transferred out from Ben's on the spot to instagram. Both me and Isaac love his cam! Photos come out looking better than phone camera quality.

Photo above is of course after filter. The quality is closer to what you see below. I brightened the photo but it's close! I like that the white balance is not yellowish at all.

This orangey one is back to my camera. Haha. Sigh, look at the difference... The tone is much warmer. Some people like it this way but I prefer it to be pure white!

After snapping many photos, it's time for our brunch! But then, brunch time was over or something so we ended up at Marmalade Pantry for normal food. There was a 1-for-1 card promotion, which was actually the main reason why we decided to go in. Haha.


We got four dishes! (You see, so white~~~~ much love)

Wanted desserts after that but we ended up at Starbucks. And this photo is obviously from my own camera :(

But despite me complaining, I can't upgrade my camera yet because my computer broke down recently and I guess that's the priority :( Blogging on bf's laptop now but I want my own.


  1. Wow, there is a big difference between the cameras Hanna Marie

  2. What camera is ben using?

  3. what camera is ben using?