Saturday, August 1, 2015

Kite Flying

I grew up eating my grandfather's chicken rice at Margaret Dr when I was a kid. I remember it to be quite popular and always a lot of customers. I loved the fragrant rice and yummy chicken. Afterwards, my mum opened a chicken rice stall too, under the same name for awhile and I often went to help out. This is probably the reason why I like chicken so much even till now. I prefer thigh meat over breast meat and would always specially request for it. Sometimes when I eat chicken rice outside, the stall owners love to bluff me by mixing some breast meat, thinking that I don't know how to differentiate. Tsk tsk!

When my grandfather retired, my uncle took over and moved from Margaret Dr to Commonwealth Drive Food Centre. Tong Kee Chicken Rice is more known for its tender and juicy roasted chicken!

After raving about it to my bf multiple times, finally brought him to try our chicken rice one weekend!

My uncle improved the sauce recipe and it's very well-liked by his customers! Yum yum!

After that, we went to Marina Barrage to play kites!

Earlier, we bought this super cute bear kite online. I actually just selected the cheapest one in stock and didn't expect it to look so adorable!

Fixing the kite~ Bf did all the job while I just went shutter-happy. Haha.

I like how the bear was putting his arms like that! We initially had a difficult time getting it to fly and it looked so mischeivous, like it's laughing at us. Haha.

Only managed to fly this high, but everyone else seem to be doing it so easily!

Afterwards, a kind uncle who observed us told us that we fixed the kite wrongly, and taught us how to do it properly. He also helped us to make the kite fly high! So thankful to the kind uncle!

It's so far away now!


We managed to unreel 100m of string~ So fun!

Many groups of people flying kites together, it was such a beautiful sight.

Bf ask why I need to raise my hand so high. Hahaha.

When it was at its 100m point, bf actually asked me if I wanna bring it down and try flying it up again but I refused, in case we can't get it that high anymore. Minutes after, another kite's string cut our string and our bear dropped into the water.... I was so sad! If it dropped onto the grass I still can pick it up and keep for remembrance! The guys whose kite cut our string, came to us and apologise while offering their kite but their kite is the normal and plain triangle type lo, of course we didn't take. Their kite dropped into the water too but their string was still intact so they could still bring it to shore.

It dropped into these waters.... Feel so sad for my bear! 

I should have just listened to bf and pulled it down when he asked :(

Actually while playing, I even thought, 'Must keep the kite properly, next time can bring it out for my kids to play, so that we don't waste the money spent on the kite.' In the end first time play, gone already!

Oh well, times up! We went to shop at Orchard after that because I had to buy presents. 4 for July birthdays and 3 for August birthdays! Why all birthday around the same time uh?! Haha.

Met up with Alvin and WS after that for our session at The Escape Artist! I have always loved escape room games and was delighted to be invited to try their latest rooms!

We went to the branch at 52A Prinsep Street. It is quite hidden, but easily accessible at Dhoby Ghaut. First, we tried "Forsaken Vault". Highly recommended! The lighting was dark, and it really enhanced the game experience.

This photo below is one of the rooms within the game. The place was well decorated and the puzzles were creative and interesting. We managed to get out, but only with the help of the staff at certain points when we were stuck. I liked how it was quite challenging, yet not too unmanageable.

Bf wanted to play another game so we tried C.S.I for round two! The puzzles were equally difficult but this time the room is bright. I think "Forsaken Vault" was more fun!

The Escape Artist is available at two locations:
- Bukit Timah Shopping Centre #11-02 (S)588179
- 52A Prinsep Street #01-01 (S)188683

It was extremely late by the time we were done. So hungry! We drove to Punggol for Ah Dong Teh House. Everytime I come here I am always spoilt for choice over the wide variety of food available!

Check out our traffic light drinks! So coincidential. Haha.

Was craving for fried chicken AND grilled chicken for my main course and really couldn't decide but eventually ordered grilled chicken because we had fried chicken skin for sides!

Fried calamari~

Bf had ngoh hiang noodles~

XO carrot cake! Thumbs up!

Vegetables were out of stock that day so they replaced with additional egg. Superb!!!

Looking forward to move into our new home in Punggol then we can supper here all the time! Woohoo!

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