Friday, August 7, 2015

Snippets of 2015

Just awhile ago it was New Year 2015 and now we are already at the 2nd half of the year!

I decided to gather the random little things from the start of the year which I haven't blogged about. Lots of photos ahead, not in chronological order. Took me so many days to compile them, upload and blog!

I can't remember when I ate this bowl of ramen, but because it's a nice photo (ramen photos are always nice), it deserves to be posted. So since there is no caption for this photo, it shall be the first one to appear. Haha.

Mookata with the girls at this new place which is owned by a friend of Leon! Although my fave is still the one at golden mile, Mooks Thai BBQ has a more convenient location at 2 Liang Seah Street + the variety and soup is quite nice! Had lots of meat while Nad attack the veggie for me! When I was there, we were told that a Thai chef will be coming in soon to bring authentic Thai sides to diners too. Not bad overall, support support!

After we went for desserts and we ordered one mango ice one durian ice. Shiok!!!

Celebrated Amber's newborn baby boy Alcan just a few months back!

Don't waste the balloons. Haha.

Remember awhile back I was raving about the very yummy wanton noodles at Noodle Place? We went back again and this time I ordered abalone noodles and initially had quite high expectations until this came.... The abalone was very thinly sliced, it's almost nothing. But $14 only I expect so much, the problem probably lies with me. Haha. But the soup was still nice lah~

I was still craving for abalone noodles after that and my friend recommended this instant abalone noodles so I went to buy it to try! It says "inside got abalone" woohoo! Paisei I did a direct translation for "内有鲍鱼” lol.

Verdict: yummy but the abalone is so tiny! Haha prefer sliced huge abalone from cans. But then that wouldn't be $3 a bowl already. Will be $30 a bowl.

Gorgeous lippies from the new Aqua Laque collection of 8 shades, sent by the kind people at Bourjois! Love the bold and glossy coverage for dressy days!


My fave ramen at Tori Keisuke King, 100AM mall~ I tell you ah, their ramen will appear several times throughout this entry. Hahaha. I am constantly craving for it gosh. Like, now.

So thankful to have these wonderful people in my life :) Instead of our usual Chompchomp, this time I brought them to try my fave ramen!

We are the 三剑客! Hahaha. 

Always so much fun with these people.

Prawn mee at beach road. Anywhere else recommended for huge plump juicy prawns with good soup?

Tried llaollao earlier this year for the first and only time. I think it's over rated..... Maybe I will try it again another day just to be sure. Haha.

Everytime I go Ramen Champion, must order the chicken wings and gyoza! But must make sure I am not dining alone lah, else I will be super fat judging by at the rate I eat.


Ramen lunch with colleagues on one of those days we feel like pampering ourselves!

With pretty @shennyyang at Osim's #uMagic media launch!

Tried the new massage sofa and it was so shiok that I felt so reluctant to give up my seat after my session was done! It has a special patented grip technology which managed to accurately massage all the right spots for me, especially the knots in my neck and shoulder area. Now I really want one to put in my house so that I can use it after a tiring day at work!

Went to this cafe to celebrate Maisarah's birthday! Forgot the name of the cafe already, but the industrial decor was quite cool.

Me and the two siao char bor, namely Fiona and Maisarah. Haha. It was awesome catching up with them!

Fiona ordered salad and it came in such a huge bowl! So they conquered the veggies while I conquered the salmon slices. Haha.

Lousy pasta with my sister. Will always remember how lousy our pasta was. My aglio olio was tasteless while my sister ordered sausage pasta and the sausage turned out to be hotdogs! You know the type we buy at 10 for $2.50?!! But the ice lemon tea nice.

Itacho with the family~ Glad my family are big eaters...... so I get to eat good food with them too!

Craving for maggie mee one day and ordered this. My friend say very bo-hua to pay for this because can ownself cook at home. Actually, I really miss the instant noodles at Hong Kong leh, got scrambled eggs one!

We didn't have anything to do one afternoon so me and bf went to play an escape room game on our own! And we managed to solve the clues although we went slightly over time!

After that we met up with Alvin and had zhichar at Sum Kee. We all agree that the food were all super yummy and all these came up to a bill of only $80+!!! So worth it right? Bf brought his family there for dinner soon after. I also want to go back there again!

My sis got this very cute tortoise toy since many years back but until now it's still so cute hehe.

Brought it out to play one day~! Checking out Singapore's sights. Haha.

Mum tried cooking her own prawn mee pork ribs mee and it was a success!

I want a 98" TV at home! Bf say I siao :(
The price to purchase this TV is enough to renovate the entire house lo! If we buy this, we won't have money to renovate the house already. So when my friends come for house-warming party, the house will have nothing except the tv. Haha.

Thanks to Nuffnang, I got tickets to watch the Ant Man movie before its release and it exceeded my expectations (I initially thought that the name for this superhero was lame... but the concept revealed in the movie proved me wrong. The name made sense and the featured special power is really quite awesome)! The movie was thrilling, interesting, and funny. Go watch if you haven't!

So long since I last had Kaylee Roasted Meat. Had the very delicious charsiew and roasted duck with my family the other day at Suntec :) I previous this kind of fatty and black and charred charsiew over the red, lean type.

It was Mum's birthday few days back and we bought a gold ring for her. She picked this design because she had wanted something like this since many years back.

We started the day with lunch at Changi Village. All my favourite food. I was enjoying the meal so much machiam it's my birthday. Haha.

Then, karaoke session!

Brought mum to Aston's for dinner because she wanted something western and we all ordered Double Up while she ordered Steak and Chicken. I think we over estimated ourselves because by the time we were on the 2nd piece of meat, we were super full already!

Got my hair done at Zeal Salon (241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village, Singapore 188030) ! There is currently a SG50 promo for the month of August: Cut + Treatment at only $50! What a good deal! Plus, you get additional $5 voucher for the next visit! Promotion only valid from Monday - Thursday for the month of August. Go go go! Make appointment by calling 63330039 and quote my name "Esther".

Used the airfryer to make some ham and cheese bread snack~ Easy peasy!

Snapped this photo at Daiso. There was a whole range of toys, including fake barbie dolls and jewellery set and kitchen sets, etc. So cheap ah, buy toys for kids only $2! Why go buy those $29.90 type?

The chicken drumstick is my favourite part about my favourite ramen at Tori Keisuke King. I think I may be the only blog in Singapore that post so many photos of their ramen. Haha.

Little brown~

Don't know why I keep craving for ice cream recently. And I always end up choosing the durian flavours!

Mum tried a new recipe and made these roasted pork belly which was a success!!!

Super crispy skin, juicy meat, and very delicious! I wonder when is she going to make these again? ^_^

Dad loves buffet and on his bday we went to Buffet Town! Not bad eh, the variety of food was very wide and sashimi was good!

Porridge for two at Teck's. Have been missing their braised duck.... but this time there were so many flies around that I got quite turned off... Maybe next time da-bao home instead!

Rose-shaped pastries at the office the other day!

Craving for the guo-tie at Jing Hua so we went to have it again!

Happen to see this old video and was immediately gushing over how good looking this guy is... hahaha. I realize I always like this type of looks! Sharp nose, nice eyes, nice mouth, cool exterior but actually quite cute inside type. Haha. Coupled with the "arm-chio" smile at certain points of the video...

Prawn mee at a random hawker. I love food at hawker centers and old coffee shops because the food is always good. But I don't like food courts because the staff preparing the food are usually salaried workers and not the owners, hence the taste is usually quite mediocre.

Ice cream with the Punggolians Fidelis and Nadia at Punggol!

Smoked duck sandwich at Kith Cafe. I like it very much!

Random KTV session with Fiona!

On April's Fool day with Nad's suggestion, I took these two photos and sent it to Fidelis to bluff her that I finally cut my hair.... Hahaha. Look real hor?

While queuing to pay last respects to Lee Kuan Yew....

Steamboat at home! I love steamboat at home the most because mum always prepares loads of meat.

Fiona got me this customized pink glittery handphone cover with my name! So pretty!

Another visit to Zeal Salon to get my tresses untangled!

Dinner at home. WE LOVE ROASTED DUCK! The best ones I ate were at Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. The ones in Singapore are mostly meh..... but better than nothing! I don't like broccoli by the way, why do people like it? The texture is weird and the taste also not nice.

Dad very funny. One day while he was changing bedsheets, there was an extra piece of sheet for the bolster so he wrapped it around the bear as a scarf. Hahaha. He very free.

126 dimsum because mum went there for supper without me and I was craving for it so much that I ask bf to bring me go eat. Haha. Went to 126 multiple times and I think their dimsum are consistently good. I also like that there is a wide variety on the menu. Anyway how many times have I repeated the words "craving" in this post huh? I seem to be craving for different food all the time.

Went back again with the family recently and I fell in love with their Kongbabao!

Met up with Clare again after a long time!

It was great catching up with her over dinner!

Chomp chomp with bf! Super love chomp chomp because everything there is yummy.

Dinner with bf, Maisarah, Fiona, and met her boyfriend Shannon for the first time!

Nice phad thai!

Of course I had to order wings whenever it's on the menu. Haha.

Went to J-pot to celebrate my dad's birthday. We are big fans of J-pot steamboat, especially because of the quality ingredients, good soup and the relaxing, spacious, clean environment.

Family pic!

Bf brought his mum out for dinner and we had these! I think we over-ordered for just three person! Haha. But subsequently I realize 6 dishes is actually not that bad already. Nowadays he always order 8 dishes for three pax! But I don't mind lah, cos I love eating!

Dinner with Christina and Madeline. Was a disappointing meal because the fish was bland. Anyway, I always like to complain to my bf about how I feel very very very sad and "wasted one meal" whenever I eat bad food. Then one day he replied, "Haiya, can eat next time mah. You always make it sound like you have a limited number of meals to eat in your entire lifetime".... I totally laughed out loud when I saw the message. Hahaha. But it's true mah, we only have 2-3 meals a day and it's really wasteful to have lousy meals! Not like if I eat a bad meal today, I can top up an extra meal the next day!

Chicken wings for my family. We probably had a feud with chickens in our previous lives because we love eating them so much.

Bf brought me to have Tim Ho Wan! I remember I was slightly unwell that day... Still eat all these! Hahaha.

Zhichar treat by mum. All our favourite food! We had two crabs, a pot of curry chicken and a plate of prawn paste chicken. After that, we gian for durians so we bought 7 back!

Din Tai Fung treat by cm.

Sushi making session!! Always wanted to try making sushi and finally got the chance to do so!

Our final product! For one roll we forgot to put the bonito flakes inside before we roll, so we just spam it on top. Haha.

Mother's Day present for mum! A couple of weeks before, she mentioned she like this design so we secretly bought it for her!

Happy mum brought it out immediately!

I thought Hai Di Lao was quite nice when I had it last year, so I decided to bring my family there!

Check out dad's amused face when the noodle dancer flipped the noodle over his head. Haha.

Our spread~ Everything is nice except the fish balls. And I know luncheon meat is extremely bohua but I like to eat luncheon meat slices in steamboat!

Cod fish~

Treated my parents to Cold Stone Creamery! I quite like their ice cream!

If my english name is Xie, join with my surname will be Xie Xie. Haha.

After that, we celebrated my grandmother's birthday! Yummy prawns!!!

Check out my adorable cousin giving a kiss to my grandmother and her being super happy!

Present for my grandmother... A pair of jade earrings!

Met up with Fidelis and Nad for Gyoza at this Japanese restaurant which they highly recommended! It's quite value for money I feel! Lots of sides in a single set.

Itacho again! Sometimes I feel abit paisei because I always order almost everything salmon. Roast salmon with different toppings, salmon sashimi, salmon sushi, salmon this salmon that. I really love Itacho's salmon sashimi by the way!

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