Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hai Di Lao

Ever since I found out about Hai Di Lao, I had been wanting to try it and finally did with Ben, Isaac and Grace! We waited 2 hours before we were seated. Better make reservations next time!

The mala-base wasn't as spicy as I thought it would be, and it was really good! What I miss most about Hai Di Lao is ramen in the mala soup! Still cannot find springy ramen in yummy mala soup of the same standard anywhere else.

The ingredients are all very fresh and of high quality. Even though the price is considerably higher than most steamboat restaurant, I think the portion is reasonable! Not measly 2-4 pieces type like some other act-atas restaurants. Also, the service was excellent! One dedicated staff for each small area of tables, polite, attentive and helpful. The staff offered to help us pour in the raw items, and also peeled the prawns for us. Also, because me and Ben don't eat beef, they cooked the beef items in the kitchen for Grace and Isaac!

Dancing ramen-man. Haha. The ramen is a must-order when you eat at Hai Di Lao because it's so springy and yummy, especially in the mala-soup!

Sauces... I never really liked side-sauces, especially when I have to mix them myself. I wouldn't know what goes well with what.

Green veggies!

And lots of quail eggs!

Was an enjoyable meal!

Outfit of the day, tiger dress from Femmex!

Love the cutting of the dress very much!

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