Friday, May 9, 2014

My Awesome Cafe

Went to "My Awesome Cafe" one fine Saturday for brunch! Sorry... It's the third food entry in a row.... Well, I haven't been doing anything interesting recently and the only thing I do is eat and eat and eat! Haha. Okay, I promise the next entry will be not be related to food at all!

Wore this pretty checkered skater dress from! It has a very flattering cut which I absolutely love! Paired it with a fuchsia necklace for a pop of color on the black and white dress.

Frontal view of the dress:

I kinda miss my light brown hair now that my hair is a very dark shade of brown! Speaking of hair, do scroll down to the end of this entry for Bugis Essensuals Mother's Day Promotion!

"My Awesome Cafe"

Because this happened way back, I have to refer to my post on Dayre. Haha. (Follow me at According to Dayre, this was on a nice Saturday afternoon in end March.

I said on Dayre that I was at My Awesome Cafe but something that was not awesome was my date. That day, bf was on the phone the whole morning to settle some work stuff and did not seem to be in a good mood. I just quietly ate my food alone while he talked on the phone with a frown on his forehead.

And I went on to say on Dayre... "So this is how girlfriends with workaholics boyfriends feel. I'm glad he's not really a true-blue one. Haha. Hopefully it settles soon so that we can continue to enjoy the rest of our date."

Update for you all.... The work matter only dissolved AFTER our brunch date :(

After brunch date was a dental appointment to remove the stitches from the wisdom tooth surgery. Wow this was so long ago! I have already went to the dental clinic three times since then for cleaning and gum treatment.

After the dental appointment, we watched Divergent and I loved the movie!

"In a future dystopian Chicago, people are divided into five "factions": Abnegation (selfless), Amity (peaceful), Candor (truthful), Erudite (intelligent) and Dauntless (brave), based on their personalities."

While watching, I conclude that I confirm cannot pass as "Dauntless" because brave is the last word u can use to describe me. Haha. I everything also scared one! I went to take afew of the "Faction tests" online and all the results reflected me as Amity, although what I really wanted to be was Erudite. Guess I am not clever enough. By the way, Four was very charming in the movie although he's not really handsome. I remember watching three awesome movies in a row that week. 'Divergent', 'Non-stop', and 'Mr Peabody & Sherman'.

Okay, let me go back to the cafe. This Dayre thing is awesome, because it helps in blogging so much! A mental note to remember to update Dayre on the go more often.

The exterior of the shop and the interior is entirely different. Outside, it has the old pillars of a medical hall that used to be housed there. Inside, it's like a hip, vintage, underground cafe.

Our bright colored drinks.

The scrambled eggs are not really awesome though. Tasted a little bland and texture isn't quite what I prefer it to be. I'm quite picky with scrambled eggs! Some people might like it this way.

Overall it was quite okay, though food-wise, it's not the best brunch place I would recommend. However, this cafe would be a lovely place for people who love sandwiches and salads. Saw lots of awesome reviews, so I guess it's still worth a try! (Noticed there are some complaints about the service as well but it was alright on my visit... They were quite friendly that day.)

My Awesome Cafe
202 Telok Ayer,
Singapore 068630


Essensuals Bugis's Mother's Day Promotion, valid till 31st May 2014:

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- Color and treatment at $158. $178, $198 (u.p $250)
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Price differs depending on whether you choose moisture treatment, protein treatment, or the best intensive treatment.

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