Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bag Essentials

Recently, I have been a little obsessed with buying bags that are too small to be practical for everyday use. In the past, my default bags are usually slightly larger than A4 and they are spacious enough for me to throw many things inside and still have space. However, I have switched to using smaller bags more often now and one big issue with them is the lack of space.

So today's topic is... "What's In My (Small) Bag".

Because of the lack of space, we can only bring the essentials. Here's the comparison between what I bring out using a normal-sized bag versus a small bag.

1. Money
Remove: Wallet
Keep: Debit card, Identification card, Ezlink card, $20 - $30 cash. I don't like carrying too much cash around so I usually purchase using my card.

2. Mobile Phone
Remove: Portable charger
Keep: USB Cable (nowadays I just charge using work laptop/ bf's car and it's usually sufficient to get me through the day), and phone.

3. Cosmetics
Remove: Any duplicate (Sometimes I bring out 2-3 lipsticks at one go when I'm carrying normal sized bag)
Keep: Only 1 of each makeup necessity

For me, I do either full makeup or nothing, so I have to bring everything out. Cosmetics probably take up the most percentage of space in my bag!
*Foundation (ZA)
*Blusher (Daiso) - Yes, the cheapo $2 blusher. But I love the color and it doesn't annoy my skin so I think it's fine!
*Lipbalm (Nivea or Neutrogena) - A need for me, because my lips are always dry!
*Lipstick (Maybelline) - My colleague bought this for me and it's awesome! The color is long lasting and very bright and application is easy.
*Concealer (Etude House)
*Liquid Eyeliner (Majolica Majorca)
*Brow Pencil (K-Palette)
*Eye Shadow (MAC) - I only use 1 color for my daily makeup. Black.
*Tiny brush for eye shadow - Some of you can use fingers to save space!
*Eyelash Glue - To save even more space, use those tiny tubes that come complimentary with eyelashes!
*Eyelash (Pictured: Girlymake)

Optional/Sometimes only: Mini-size Lipstick (Make Up Forever), Brown Eye shadow

I'd probably also add bronzer to my must-bring list if I knew how to use it, so it is a blessing in disguise that I haven't learnt how! I also save space because I don't use mascara or eye curler and rely entirely on my faux lashes. Not really the correct way to do it because if you go closer you can see my real lashes below my faux lashes but I don't really care lah, who will go so close and look at my eye right. Hahaha.

For most people, I think it can be simpler!

I use a soft cosmetic zip bag so that if my bag is really small, I can fold the unused corners and squeeze it in.

4. Others
Remove: Umbrella (and hope it doesn't rain. haha)
Keep: Mints, Keys, Daily contact lens, Wet wipes

Flat-lay photo of items mentioned above:

Amazing how all those things could fit into a small bag! I think the trick is that all of them are flat, so it's easier to utilize every space in the bag! My camera is huge, so I usually hang my camera on my shoulder outside the bag. Normal days I just use my phone camera!

Am on a lookout for a nice small card holder to put my cash and cards in next time when I bring small bags out instead of just throwing them in.

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