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As much as I love the bustling city and its activities, sometimes after a long day at work I just want to chill and chat over tapas and drinks with some girlfriends.

This is why I was excited to know that there is a new Al Fresco Gastrobar near my place, right in Crowne Plaza Changi Airport! With the kind invitation from Carrie, I was at there last month with my dear friend Fidelis to try out the menu.

Reflectiff mainly serves tapas and drinks with a fusion of flavours catered to local taste buds. One of them, the Smoked Salmon Grissini Stick ($28), is a personal favourite. A must-order for me when I come here again! It is as tasty as it looks. 

Streaky Scallops ($24), as the name suggests, is actually a whole scallop wrapped with bacon. I can finish an entire plate of these because they are so good! It is served with herb butter, croutons and mixed salad.

I did not have the Oyster Kilpatrick ($34) because I am not a fan of oysters, but bf gave thumbs up for the generous serving of breadcrumbs and bacon that lay atop. Quite an interesting way to present an oyster!

What I love most was the pretty presentation of the small bites!

The Charcuterie Plate ($36) consisting of Serrano Ham, Chorizo, Salami, Queso Manchego and multi grain bread would be a must-order for beef-lovers.

Besides the above treats, there are also hearty main courses offered at Reflectiff like Confit Chicken Breast and Peking Duck Spring Rolls.

What came up next was the highlight of our night. Cakes!!!!!

The Chocolate Royaltine ($10) was highly recommended by our host, and it is indeed delightful! I love the sweet and richness of chocolate. Very irresistible and definitely goes on the must-eat list for my next visit.

I wanted the Mango Tart as soon as I saw it because it is so good-looking! It looks like mango cubes on top of a green bush! Haha. Very gardeny! The mango topping was sweet and juicy, easily the crowd pleaser.

The last piece of durian mousse cake on the rack was luckily ours! Hehe. The cake is soft, moist and fluffy, with a durian puff on top! The durian puff's puree filling was..... nothing short of awesome.

And if you are looking for something classic, the cheesecake topped with fruits is the one for you!

Bf usually dislike Tiramisu ($8) but he had nothing but praises for this piece at Reflectiff.

And then.... we were served the Liquid Petit Four – Grand Marnier, Kahlua, Baileys, Macchiato. We had lots of fun over this one! The boys first tried them one by one, then all four together. It tastes best all four together according to them! I did not dare to try it because I am a terrible drinker. Haha,

Of course, here are also some of the other tamer drinks we had:

Frozen fruity alcohol drink.

Ruby Sunrise ($14). What a sweet name! It is Strawberry, Orange Juice, Lime Juice, and Cranberry Juice.

The comforting and tranquil ambience is what I liked best about this place. Would be a nice place for a quiet romantic night too.

"Perched at the exterior of Crowne Plaza’s Lobby Lounge, this new dining option brings together comfort and indulgence, creating a brand new experience for travelers and local diners. Surrounded by lush foliage, the al fresco offers guests an alternative dining option to wine, dine, and meet, with tapas-inspired dishes and a range of premium spirits."

It was raining on the night we went so we had to dine inside. But we went out after our meal and I fell in love with the place immediately! It felt very serene and peaceful, with the lush surroundings and ambient soft lighting.

(Picture credits: Crowne Plaza Changi Airport)

The colorful seats were instant mood lifters amidst the rainy weather.

Had a great time chatting with fellow bloggers Estelle, Fidelis, and Carrie! :)

REFLECTIFF is located at level 1 of Crowne Plaza Changi Airport (5-minute walk from Terminal 3) and is open daily for dinner from 5pm till late. The space is also available for corporate bookings and private events!

75 Airport Boulevard,
Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, Level 1,
Singapore 819664

Tel: +65 6823 5367

Outfit of the night was a dress I wore for CNY earlier this year and a new cream color blazer from Earthdoll! I have been experimenting with slightly more ladylike looks this year and I loved the structure of this blazer. I liked that the quality of the material and workmanship is really good too!

Will be back with more updates soon! I have so much backlog to clear. And mostly food entries. I need to re-look my life and do more things besides eating. Haha.

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