Tuesday, May 27, 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past

I just watched X-Men: Days of Future Past and I think it's worth a watch! I have never watched any X-Men movies, had no idea what they were about, and did not even plan to catch this one but after my colleague mentioned it's quite nice, I decided to watch!

I loveeeeeeeeeeee movies. Movies absorb me in their world for that two hours and make me forget about my own world. Movies are awesome.

I didn't know that the X-Men series were so popular until I tried booking seats online. There were so many slots available over many different theaters but most of the seats are sold till the first and second rows. I managed to grab two tickets for third row, but very corner seats. So not only we have to look up, we have to look left too. While the commercials were rolling, bf told me, "later after this need to go see doctor already." I asked why. He replied, "sprain my neck liao." Hahaha.

So anyway, X-Men: Days of Future Past revolves around time travel and alternate dimensions, and it got me quite interested! How awesome it would be if we could "undo" a wrong choice by travelling to live in an alternate dimension! There would be lots of alternate dimensions because for every single choice we make, a whole new future is created. This way, women who chose the wrong husband can choose to escape to another alternate dimension where the younger her did not marry the wrong man, which resulted in a better life. Even if it turned out worse, she can always change route by moving on to the next dimension.  I think this is more possible than time travel because by one person changing history, everyone's history changes, so the process is more complicated. Therefore, instead of travelling back in time and changing history, why not travel dimensions instead so that it doesn't affect everyone else? On hindsight, I guess I'd be extremely confused if this is possible... and people will probably act alot more irresponsibly....Haha. But all is okay because we can escape elsewhere!  

I was extremely impressed with Quicksilver's short appearance in the movie! His powers are my favourite!! I wonder why the team did not recruit him to join in on their mission instead of asking him to go back home. Everything would be so easy with him around!

Go watch it! Another upcoming movie that I am looking forward to is 'Maleficient'! Also watched Godzilla some days back and it's quite good too!

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