Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tonkotsu Kazan

I was sick that week and not really in the mood for brunch food, so for our weekend date bf did some research and brought me to this place called Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen at Liang Court. I thought that ramen should be a safe choice for a sick day but we ended up with a very sinful dinner of Kimchi Hotstone Rice, Fried Gyoza, and this restaurant's signature Volcano Ramen (I even took a video of it's "eruption"!)

Hotstone Kimchi. I knew I wanted this the moment I saw the photo on other blogs online. It's not bad... Not the best I have had though!

The gyoza is my favourite here! I usually don't really like gyoza but the gyoza here is the best I have ever eaten in my entire life. The skin is smooth, thin, and not floury at all. The fillings was juicy and flavourful. Most of the gyoza I have outside have very bland or dry meat.

And then... the highlight of our meal.... The volcano ramen! The taste is fairly-ok, the broth is thick and all, but I still prefer Keisuke Tori King's soup.

But I guess the main fun of ordering this is seeing the volcano erupt! I caught a video of it for instagram!

I thought that ramen should be a safe choice for a sick day but look at how sinful our dinner was!Kimchi Hotstone, gyoza and the sizzling "volcano"!

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