Sunday, May 4, 2014

Backstage Cafe

I remember when we just started dating, bf promised to bring me on a brunch date once every month after seeing how much I love brunch food on one of our first dates at Marmalade Pantry. However, now it seemed like our regular activity every weekend is brunch food!! Hahaha. "Once every month" become "Once a week"..... 我赚到!

Backstage Cafe is not like the usual "hipster"/"vintage"/"arty" cafes. Very normal, located in an industrial area in Kallang! Bf is usually the researcher for our weekend brunches, so I did not know about the existence of this place until I was brought there. I quite like how the cafe was quite big, therefore not very noisy and I did not have to squeeze with other patrons.

We had the breakfast combo and smoked salmon benedict with additional mushrooms for $1.

For sides, I chose my fave chicken wings! Bf was quite grumpy about me wanting this because he wanted something more special but his attempt to order his choice failed because it was sold out... Hehehe.

After that he went ahead to order plain o'cheesecake and refuse to change his order even after I did the following:

1) Tried to change his decision by pointing out that there were other more delicious-looking desserts on display such as red velvet cake, tiramisu, macarons, etc.

2) Exclaimed that his choice of cheesecake is a very common cake and not "special" (he usually choose special over common items on the food menu)

3) Told him I didn't feel like eating cheesecake that day.

Sianzzzzz. Cheesecake came and end of story.

Backstage Cafe
158 Kallang Way, #01-06,
Singapore 349245
Tel: 6743 6893

Afterwards, he helped me to take some photos of my outfit and I love this set of photos! Not sure if it was because of the hair? I changed my fringe parting for that day and had to control the urge to flip my fringe back to my usual parting the entire day because it felt uncomfortable. Haha. Glad it was worth it!

The floral knitted top is from Earthdoll! Got the inspiration to style it like this after seeing a similar outfit on Lookbook. Love it! The material is not too thick, so it's awesome for Singapore's warm weather too!

Paired it with bag from Femmex! This bag was love at first sight for me, and has become my recent "daily bag"! Love how spacious it is and I can throw everything inside :)

Ending today's entry here!

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