Saturday, May 31, 2014


Attempting to break from the usual weekend brunch chain, we decided to go for non-brunchy food and went to Sinpopo for Asian delights! Actually I have heard about Sinpopo since awhile back but it was never on top of my to-go list mainly because it seemed like there were limited options for mains and most of the rave reviews online were about the desserts.

I am so glad we went eventually because I have nothing except praises for Sinpopo!

The main draw of Sinpopo is probably the oldie d├ęcor. For me, what I liked about this place was the food.

Bf had Sng Muay Pop, while I had traditional warm barley.

Bf had "zhup cai png".... Haha. It is actually called Scissors Cut Rice in the menu. Pork cutlet, Curry Chicken, Sunny Side Up and Cabbage. The combination adds up to Shiok! I particularly liked the pork cutlet. This is a must-order.

For sides, we had Ngoh Hiang. My family and I loved to order Ngoh Hiang but there are so little of such stalls in Singapore nowadays. This dish fares okay, but the fishball was tasteless.

I decided to have Zi Pao Kai with Beenhoon although it looked quite plain on the menu because I love paper chicken. I was expecting mediocre beehoon like the ones sold at MRT stations but it was surprisingly good and flavourful and very yummy! The type of beehoon that I like. Two thumbs up for this dish! So happy I ordered this.

There were plenty of traditional dessert choices, but we were quite full already so we just chose Ice Ball. Have you tried this before? Ice Ball is a childhood snack that my parents have shared about many times. It is actually just like ice kachang but mould to a ball and the traditional way to eat it is to hold it using both hands. We had it in a bowl here though. Inside the ice balls are fillings that usually lay under ice kachang. A very refreshing dessert!

Outfit of the day!

My top is from LYRA MINN and it was love at first sight for me! LYRA MINN is a female online boutique based in Singapore from 2012, featuring trendy apparels for young ladies and there is free postage storewide :) New collection just up today too!


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