Wednesday, May 21, 2014


New bracelet! Read on to find out where I got them at a super good price :)

Pandora has been quite popular recently, and just that day at Ion Orchard, I saw sooooooooo many people crowded in the Pandora store. I did not really got caught on the Pandora craze though, mainly due to the high price of each charm. Sure, they are very pretty and I don't mind if some stranger offers to buy me a full bracelet at one go and I choose the charms myself, but if my boyfriend buys it I would probably hammer him. I'd much rather spend that amount on good dinners and classic jewelry. Perhaps if Pandora is slightly more affordable I'd be obsessed too. I really liked the idea of customization and how each charm represents something in the owner's life.

I was contacted by, an online store that sells a variety of items from collectibles to gadgets to accessories, to select some charms to make my own pandora-inspired bracelet and I thought, why not! They look just like Pandora bracelets and look good too!

The most fun part was the selecting of charms! Because these are priced so much more affordable than the original, we can actually purchase a whole set at one go!

I chose my charms based on what can represent what I feel are most important to me in life, plus some extra bonus wants. Haha.

Weave - Family and Friendship Bonds
Pink Hearts - Pink of Health, and Love
Gift - Gift of wealth, beauty, and possession of all good things
Clover - Just for that bit more luck

I wanted to add a snowflake for serenity in life but it was sold out :(

It came packed in individual bubble-wrap and I liked how much care was taken to protect each little charm. Even though they are priced much cheaper, the charms and bracelet especially, are made of good quality. Very pleased! The Pandora Inspired Charms and Bracelets are targeted to ladies who love wearing bracelets with beautifully designed charms. The owner has been wearing one for some time and there is no peeling off from the charms.

Life Of Gag Store is an online store which sells trendy products at attractive prices. From Avengers USB Thumb Drive (currently on sales!) to Pandora Inspired Charms & Bracelets, Life Of Gag Store offers you a whole new experience in online shopping. Life Of Gag Store started off from, a website which shares viral and unique stories, life tips, pictures and videos. Life Of Gag Store emerges as a result from the demand of fans who are looking for trendy products.

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