Sunday, May 18, 2014

Line Pop Up Store

I have been a big fan of line characters ever since I started using the Line Chat app to communicate with my family and bf. I loveeeeeeeee the dramatic stickers of Brown, Cony, and Sally!

And when I received notification that a Line Pop Up Store was up on Orchard Road, I told bf I MUST GO!!!!

It is located just outside Wisma Atria! Looks like the Line Characters are extremely popular in Singapore! I initially thought that the shop would be bigger but it's actually quite tiny, we had to queue to enter due to limited space. I heard that Taiwan has a Line Character Museum. ME WANNA GO VISIT!!!

The mascots weren't there the first time we went but I was along Orchard Road the other day and saw them! THEY ARE SO ADORABLE AREN'T THEY?!?!

Lots of photo-ops outside the store! Let me introduce the characters to you one by one. This is Cony!!! She is super cute and she has a lot of expressions, some happy some crying some angry. And she is always bullying Brown, her "boyfriend". Haha. Download the Line Chat app and download all the "Brown & Cony" stickers and see for yourself how cute she is.

Brown, Cony, Edward (Sally's Sidekick).


Brown and Edward.

Moon and Sally (the "extra" one always lurking around behind the main characters and copying their actions.)

Leonard, Moon, Sally!

We finally entered the shop after much photo taking! Huge plushies of the main characters!

It was so heavy!

I wanna collect a full set of line characters (Brown, Cony, Sally, Moon) medium plushies or cushion!!! Wonder where I can find them!

While I was engrossed with looking at the merchandise, I saw my boyfriend at the cashier counter and caught him secretly buying Cony for me hehehe. Afterwards we went to queue for the Spin-the-wheel promo and won this very ugly version of Moon. hahaha.

Me hope more people will use the Line Chat app so that more people can see how cute Brown and Cony and Sally are.... Haha.

If you are also a fan quickly head down to the pop up store because they will only be here for a limited time!

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  1. where i do i get this in malaysia ?
    is this store have online purchase ?
    i really want this...