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Taiwan - Hsinchu

We were lucky that during our time in Taiwan, the weather was awesome throughout! My definition of "awesome weather" is no rain! Because we went during summer, we were told that it is going to be extremely hot. Yes, the weather was hot, but I personally feel that the heat is quite bearable most of the time. I very much prefer sun over rain, hot over cold anytime. Of course bright and breezy is ideal, but if I cannot have perfect weather, I think I rather embrace the sun. Rainy weather is quite inconvenient especially when we want to walk around freely without umbrella in hand. Plus it's quite sian having to watch out for puddles of water and disgusting to have dirty water soaking shoes or slippers. Before the trip I told bf that I prefer to go holiday in Summer because of this reason. Lesser chance of rain? But he hates hot weather and insisted on cold weather holidays! But I don't really like it because firstly I don't really like cold in the first place and secondly, I wanna wear nice dresses and take nice photos, not big puffy jackets and shivering throughout my holiday. I guess I am fine to go on some winter vacations but if I can choose, I would most likely choose to go when the weather is ok enough for me to wear normal clothes and not having to wrap myself up like rice dumpling.

So anyway, my family went to Hsinchu! Stopped by this watermelon fruit stall because we wanna buy one of those huge watermelons!

Isn't it huge?!! Instead of round, these watermelons in Taiwan are oval in shape and alot bigger. The watermelons here are priced from TWD299 onwards, which is around S$12.90. Also, no dark green streaks.

Dad carrying the super huge watermelon. Very heavy!

Unlike Hong Kong, there is hardly anyone on the streets of quieter residential towns in Taiwan.

At Hsinchu, we went to Chin Yong DIY Recreational Farm!

While we were there, the place was filled with little Taiwanese kids on their school excursion. The emcee taught them some facts about some fruits and all of them repeated after the emcee in cohesion excitedly.

Went on to the fruit picking section!

We weren't there at the right season so we only have tomatoes to pluck. This scene reminded me of the strawberry farm at Genting. That year, we also went on the wrong season and barely had anything to pick. Same as this time!

There were so many different types of tomatoes but I only dare to take the one which looks like the familiar ones sold in our supermarkets. Haha.

Are these tomatoes not riped yet or are they green/yellow tomatoes by default?

These have weird shapes~! Not sure if it's supposed to be like that.

My little cousin bought an ice cream cone and I got tempted too so I bought this cup of strawberry ice cream. I really like it because it tasted homemade, light, and not too sweet. Quite refreshing~

After we go to our next stop in Hsinchu!

Neiwan Old Street!

Unlike the other old streets we visited in Taiwan, this one was less packed. However, it definitely had more "old" vibes than Jiufen Old Street!

Neiwan Old Street is a traditional town mostly populated by Hakka people (客家人). I am also one although I can't speak the language!

Photo with sis~

Most of the stalls sell traditional stuff or hakka food. I feel like I am not doing justice to this old street because when I search this place online, many people have awesome reviews. But I really felt that there was nothing much to see or do though.

Many of the shops were not open when we went. Maybe wrong timing!

Went to the far end to visit the Neiwan Suspension Bridge.

Tada~ This is it! A narrow, old bridge over the river.

Actually it looked quite rundown and abandoned when we saw it from a distance, probably also because nobody was on the bridge. We were supposed to go all the way down there but in the end decided to just take a photo with it and take it that we have visited the Neiwan Suspension Bridge! Haha.

Walked back to the old street for lunch :)

We didn't get to enter this museum (幻多奇另類博物館) but I thought it should be quite interesting! It's where they show all the weird and extraordinary stuffs from all over the world.

OOTD infront of  幸福车站 "Happiness Station", hope to be always 幸福哦。Maxi dress from ~

Our lunch is at a very special restaurant, converted from an old theater!

Neiwan Theater was built during the Japanese colonial era and more than a decade ago, it became a restaurant serving Hakka Cuisine while screening old Taiwanese films! It was quite an experience! That day the movie that was screening was a famous one which my mum watched when still a child. Maybe next time our cinema also can convert into restaurant and screen "I Not Stupid"? Lol.

Check out the signboard over at the left, which says "我怕太太". It meant "I Scared of Wife". Hahaha! Lots of old things peppered around the restaurant, which added to the nolstagic feel.

Remember the huge watermelon? The staff helped to cut it into slices for us. This is only a portion of it!

Dessert before main course? Haha.

Family photo!

Our food! There was even a place of muahchee for us to cut ourselves and mix with the peanut like muah chee sellers at pasar malam. Haha.

Even my aunt's vegetarian platter looked so nice! Got flower in the center one! Haha.

Photo with grandma~

That's all for Hsinchu!

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