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Taiwan - Taichung

I have always wanted to visit Taiwan to experience the "偶像剧(Taiwanese Idol Dramas) feel" because I grew up in that era. Unfortunately, my visit to various places in Taiwan didn't give me the special "feel" that I was expecting. Maybe because I didn't stay long enough! Taipei and Taichung came close to it though.

No.469-13, Sanfeng Rd., Houli Dist., Taichung City 421, Taiwan

For just TWD150 per adult, you can take multiple "instagram-worthy" photos among the garden of flowers here!

Got my parents to pose infront of the love board!

Snow White and the seven dwarfs?

So many different colours! I also liked that the garden was not very crowded, which made photo taking much easier.

Don't you think this scene look something out of a music video? Haha. Anyway my fingers look like they are on a laptop keyboard instead of a piano keyboard -.-"

While taking this photo, there was a huge bee buzzing around me but the sunflowers were so pretty, I had a sudden surge of courage to not run away and told my mum to faster hit the shutter! As soon as the photo was taken, I quickly ran away! Hahaha.

So pretty~~~~

This little house totally looked like it came out of a children's storybook!


We also visited the popular Fengjia Night Market! As compared to the other night markets in Taiwan that we've visited before, we felt that Fengjia Night Market is less touristy, and we got a chance to slightly immerse in the local atmosphere. We saw parents riding on bikes bringing their kids home from school (in Singapore, most parents pick up their kids in cars or simply by walking, and it's a very rare sight to see a whole bunch of parents gathering outside the school gates riding bikes with kids.). Also saw many teenage students in uniform!

Uncle introduced us to the famous Guan Zhi Lin's Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang. It's actually sausage wrapped with glutinous rice and other ingredients. He said that usually there'd be a long queue at this stall but it was quite short that day.

Took a photo with Zhen Ni while waiting for our Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang!

It looks like this!

Was very happy to tick another famous Taiwanese food off the list. Anyway, it tasted quite nice, especially the meaty sausage, but not really "wow yummy!" type of nice. Surprisingly though, after I come back to Singapore I kind of craved for this from time to time.

Just one of the many selfies that day.... Haha.

We had early dinner at Mak & May, a casual dining restaurant serving western food.

Sis is happy because it's eating time. Hahaha.

We also tried Onion Pancake!

Looks abit like roti prata. Maybe we should also start selling roti prata in our pasar malam as a street snack too!

There were also quite a number of apparel shops selling trendy clothes catering to the younger crowd.

My cousin trying to blend in as one of the mannequins..... Hahaha.

And my dad too. HAHAHA. Plus still hold that water bottle as though he is endorsing it. Lol. No wonder me and sis also used to do this in shop window displays..... the genes came from him!

More street snaps before we leave the area, because I couldn't bear to leave so soon :(


No. 2, Wenquan Rd, Wuri District, Taichung City, Taiwan 41450

Our stay in Taichung was the Fresh Fields Hot Spring Resort! It's the absolute best we experienced in Taiwan!

My photos don't do justice to the beautiful lobby.

Room was spacious, and VERY VERY COMFORTABLE. The whole night I was just sitting there watching very funny Taiwanese reality shows on TV and thinking how good it'd be if I can make my future room feel exactly the same way too! We had connecting rooms with our parents, although actually I feel one room is already enough for four of us because the beds are huge! AND CHECK OUT THE HUGE WINDOW AND VIEW!

This is the washroom which consisted of a hot spring facility, shower area, basin area, and toilet bowl area. It also leads to the access of the wardrobe.

Made use of the hot spring in our room because we didn't want to use the outdoor spring.

It was extremely shiok to soak in the warm water!

After a refreshed bath, we went to the outdoor area overlooking this view. Check out the lights beyond the hotel.... So quiet and beautiful here.

The hotel is quite isolated from the rest of the city, so we spent most of our time indoors. Not that I wanted to head out anyway, because the room is just too comfortable.

Upon my colleague's recommendation, we bought the instant noodles from this brand. She told me got real meat inside one and we were so curious about how it's gonna be because we never had that back in Singapore.

Hmmmmm interesting.... but I think I shall stick to normal instant noodles in future. Hahahaha.

We had breakfast at Seasons Restaurant, located within the hotel premises.

Food was of decent quality and there was a wide variety to choose from! :)

But soup was so fragrant but tasted bland. Kena bluff!

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