Friday, November 13, 2015

My Birthday 2015

Time flies! It has been more than a month since my birthday!

The day started with me finding this "banner" when I entered the car. Haha. So cute! Bf used the very adorable Meow Zhua Zhua characters to make this. ME LIKE!

Lunch was at Luxe.

Love the white and wood decor! Clean lines and bright space which made me feel at home.

Got craving for sinful oily crispy stuff so I ordered the Keong Siak Fried Chicken!

Fried calamari! Can never resist those.

Pasta with prawns was ok!

Not a fan of pie... didn't know it was going to be this when I ordered! It is called "handmade pork and fennel sausage roll".... Taste was ok but I was expecting sausage, not crust filled with meat. Haha.

Wore a simple floral romper that day because bf told me to "dress down"! Hahaha I know this is not "dress down" at all to most of you right?! But I did bring along an extra casual top and shorts and covered shoes just in case!

He brought me to try Kart racing! Actually I already guessed it beforehand already... Because he said west side.... Plus we've been to almost everywhere in Singapore already. Hahaha.

The karts!

Sadly, it was raining when we reached and because the track was wet, the staff there told us we have to wait around an hour for the tracks to dry. We were rushing for another movie and one hour seem cutting it close.... but we stayed and waited for the rain to stop.

Thankfully, the rain stopped soon after and we were briefed about the rules on track!

And after just half a round, the rain started again!!!! Wahlao! We were super drenched by the time we managed to get back to the main station~ Then we waited for the rain to stop once more...

When the rain finally stopped for real, we got out to the tracks again! Actually I think it's quite scary leh. I also reaffirmed my inability to drive a car.... At one point I suddenly panicked when the car swerved at a turning point! I didn't even bother to avoid the puddles anymore and just let it splash over me. Haha. Bf kept overtaking me too, I just wanted to slowly finish my rounds safely!

I was actually wearing my grey romper and the staff told me it will get wet and dirty because the tracks are still abit wet, so I changed into my spare clothes. Wah luckily I did, because at the end I really got covered by grease and water and grass and mud. Thankfully a girl in the toilet gave me some tissue to wipe them off!

Glittery gradient nails done at

Forgot what movie we watch already, because we watch multiple movies every month! Haha. So glad that I found someone who doesn't mind trying new food, exploring new places, and watching movies with me!

I thought we were just going to watch a normal movie, but he actually booked tickets for the platinum movie suites! Hehehe. I love these kind of small small sweet gestures! Ordered drinks and two platters of snacks too!

Dinner time at Violet Herbs!

Food was quite good! Ordered duck confit because I just love it too much! It's a pity not many restaurants serve it though

The restaurant is small, but with sincere service. It's my birthday but I went over to his side to take photo because I didn't like the uneven harsh lighting on my face! hahaha. Photo's not very nice but just wanna post one of us on this day :) Plus we seldom take pics together anyway.

Got home to celebrate with the family before midnight. Mum bought a cartoonish cake because there's no other choice hahaha.

Birthday gift from bf! Iphone 6plus with preset wallpaper, his phone number under the name "my boyfriend", screen protector, list of "apps to download" in notes, plus two cute covers to choose from. Much love! ❤️❤️❤️ Now that I look back at my Iphone5s, so small one! Hahahaha.

I'm on my phone ALL THE TIME now! Lol is this why my data so fast exceed 12GB even before the month is up?? And I am so happy, no more lack of photo memory (at least for afew months?)! Previously I always had to delete photos in the camera roll to make space for new photos, and I was reluctant to delete the memories I stored in there even though I already made a copy to my computer! Just in case mah.... I'm such a hoarder. Hahahaa.

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