Thursday, November 12, 2015

Crab and Crepe Buffet at Azur

When I got to know about the Crab and Crepe Buffet at Azur, I got very excited! I'm not so much of a crepe lover, but I am definitely a crab lover!!!!

I've always liked the east meets west food at Azur, but this must be my favourite visit. It was lucky I arrived early before the dinner crowd started streaming in, because I was ooh-ing and aah-ing super happily when I first saw what was offered on the buffet line! I think there were stars in my eyes while I tried to decide what I should eat first! Haha.

Tried three different crab flavors:

1) Singapore Chilli Crab - the mantou wasn't as crispy as I would like it to be, but the sweet sauce paired well with the crab. I had multiple servings!

My favourite variation of the crab that night, was the black pepper crab. It's oh so good!

A very popular flavour - salted egg crab, is also on the menu.

The kitchen changes the crab dishes from time to time, so you may also find Cereal Crab and Curry Crab too!

Besides the usual wok-fried crabs, I was also impressed with the wide variety of other crab creations that Executive Chef Kiang Siang Heng and the restaurant's culinary team managed to come up with:
- Deepfried Crab Meat Tofu with Leek and Oyster Sauce
- Deepfried Softshell Crab
- Saffron Rice with Tomato Crab
- Baked Whole Barramundi Fish with Crab Meat Herbs Crust
- BBQ Sri Lanka Crab
- Crispy Dungeness Crab Cakes
- Krathong Tong (Crispy Cups filled with minced crab meat stuffing)
- Hot and Sour Crabmeat Soup
- Western King Crab Bisque
- Thai vermicelli noodle topped with sweet steamed crab meat

Truly heavenly for crab lovers.

The other highlight of the night was the crepes, made a la minute.

I recommend the sweet crepes, which paired well with the jam, though already good on its own, soaked in thick orange butter sauce. Beside it is the durian pancake which I was raving about all night.

The savoury crepe had a variety of fillings to choose from, and upon the suggestion of the chef, I chose the Curry Mayonnaise Crab among other choices such as Sambal Dry Shrimps Crab, Crab Meat Goulash, Honey Pineapple Chicken and Crab, Snow Crab Wasabi.

Baked Whole Barramundi Fish with Crab Meat Herbs Crust! I silently squealed when I saw this. Never have I ever been to a buffet with so many of my favourite seafood! Crabs, prawns, crayfish, fish!!!!

Spanish Paella with Crabs!

Fresh seafood on ice. I was too busy with the hot dishes to have these. Haha.

Plump prawns that bf took!

There are also other non-seafood dishes, such as Duck crepes.


Durian pancake! LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!! The pancake was thin enough and the generous amount of durian inside was fragrant! There were already several pieces on the tray, but the staff was so nice because he initiated to make warm ones for me on the spot!

Oh, for you dessert lovers out there, there's a tableful of sweet treats too!

Crab and Crepe Buffet at Azur (Crowne Plaza Changi Airport) is priced at $75++ per pax and available for dinner on Friday to Sunday till 29 November 2015. Call 68235354 to make reservations! Not to be missed!

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