Saturday, November 7, 2015

Hello Kitty Go Around in Singapore


Went to say Hello to Hello Kitty last weekend!

Our schedule was quite packed that day so we decided to find something simple for lunch to save time and faster enter the Hello Kitty event!

So we skipped the proper restaurants at the upper level and went down to where the fast foods and casual eateries were. Mcdonalds had a long queue and before we had a chance to explore other choices, we found ourselves at Ramen Play. While waiting for our ramen to be served, I was thinking, "Eh? I thought we wanted something quick?" Haha.

Bf even ordered a side dish for us. What simple what quick? Hahaha.

Yay finally at Hello Kitty Go Around in Singapore! So much red.

I shall share my views about this event before I continue!

Bf paid around $125 for our tickets. The listed price was $55/adult (for children it's just $3 lesser) for weekends, subjected to 7% GST and Sistic booking charges, so it's actually $ Almost the price of admission to Universal Studios where you can spend the entire day! We spent only 1 hour at the event and this was after we walked a few more rounds because I was reluctant to leave so soon.

I understand that perhaps the cost is high - have to pay Sanrio, event space rental, staff, logistics, advertising, etc etc, hence the price is passed down to the attendees too. Just thought that it would be better if the event space was larger, and if there were more programmes or things to do. It was quite boring actually. Nothing much to do except take photos and we only had two game coupons with each ticket and it was easily gone in an instance. We didn't want to pay for additional game coupons after paying so much for the admission tickets.

Also, the atmosphere wasn't very right.... At a Hello Kitty event, I would expect the entire place to feel cheery and cute but most of the crew didn't looked like they enjoy being there. I guess it's very tiring plus hot, but my interactions with them kinda took away a bit of the magic. I may be wrong, but the vibes I felt was that it was an event to make as much money as possible from fans who love Hello Kitty. It's normal for companies to want to earn, but I think caring about customer's satisfaction and experience is also quite important.

Oh, it was also kinda disappointing that there were no photo opportunity with a mascot.... unless we pay $188 to attend the birthday event.

Didn't want to complain so much but it's really what I felt lah. I thought I am quite reasonable already lor. Haha. After the event I saw similar thoughts from other event go-ers too! But do i regret going? Nope! I think there's a price to pay for everything and it's once in awhile thing plus the event's not gonna be here forever, so it's okay! I just don't think it's worth it to go again and again and again lah. Haha. Go one time can already!

What was commendable was the nice set up. I really liked the concept and production.

Giving out figurines for attendees to leave within 2 hours so that the event wouldn't be too crowded at any time was also a good incentive. It was great that we didn't have to squeeze with the crowd and hardly had to queue at all.

Tickets come with admission to S.E.A Aquarium too... I guess it's not bad for those who never go before but we already went when it just opened, so it was just a nice bonus for us.


Upon entry, is the Hello Kitty Party Hall! During the early days of the event, they allowed visitors to take photos with the Merry Go Round using their own cameras but now cannot already. Have to pay to get a photo with the adorable Hello Kitties! Luckily, this was the only official photo area which had restrictions. Fair enough!

Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel

Opposite the ferris wheel is this "brick wall". Didn't bother to take photos with it at first but glad I did in the end because I like how the photo turned out!

Sanrio Friends Express
I like how this one looked like a real roller coaster station!! I was almost hoping that there was at least a short ride in this one. The crew up there was very nice to help us take photos in several angles too!

The Baby Kitty sitting on Hello Kitty is so cute!!!!! Or is that Hello Kitty's soft toy? Hahaha.

Monkichi manning the roller coaster~ Ok I admit, I googled for its name. Haha.

Hello Kitty Memory Garden

Pretty garden to take photos with huge Hello Kity merchandise!

Took me awhile before I realize what this is... Haha.

Huge calculator!

Hello Kitty Fashion Catcher

Oh I like this one! So cute!

Apple Temple

Didn't notice it at first because it was located behind and by chance I spotted the signboard!

Don't you think the set up is really nice?!!

Can use one game coupon to exchange for a small wooden plaque to write wishes and hang on the walls like in some Japanese Shrines!

Anyhow take someone else's plaque to pose with. Hahaha. Hopefully I can pose with a real one in Japan one day!

Mimmy Toy Shop

Left or right? Hahaha.

Games booth

On to the games booths! We had only 4 game coupons so we went one round to check out the games first before deciding on which one to play!

Lucky Ribbon
I think this one is really by luck! Throw a coin and it has to land inside the "rainbow" stripes and cannot touch the line at all! We didn't try this because I don't believe I have that kind of luck. Haha.

Sanrio Baby Race

We tried this because we thought it's quite possible but actually not easily to roll the balls into a total of exactly 100 points! I didn't assert the right amount of strength though, and most of the balls reversed back instead of dropping into the holes. Haha. Can't even get the balls go into the holes, how to get 100 points!

Save the Goldfish

I actually think this is more difficult than the usual fishing games at pasar malam. It was impossible to hook something up in 25 seconds, with such a long piece of string that cannot be controlled and the platform spinning so fast. I don't think I will ever win something from this game even if I play 20 times!

Monster trying to eat Hello Kitty and friends so I gotta save them hahaha.

Mama's Kitchen

Oh this booth is cute and fun!! And probably the easiest with a bit of skill.

Throw these into the respective places in the kitchen. Should have spent all 4 coupons at this booth....Probably got chance to win! Bf only managed to get the flour in. Haha.

Hello kitty popcorn up for grabs!

Papa's Reading Room

Thought this was quite cute too. Hahaha. Supposed to throw the newspapers to Papa Kitty and it has to land on the ledge. Can use either the catapult or freehand. But using the catapult only need 1 to win but freehand need 2 to win.

Chose to use the catapult but didn't get any to land on the ledge! Maybe if use hand throw got more chance of winning!

Tiny Chum's Ring Toss

Throw the ring to go through the plushie. Didn't bother to try at all cos I confirm cannot!

We could also get to have a temporary Hello Kitty tattoo done but using game coupon. I already used up all my coupons before knowing we need to "pay" for the tattoo with the coupon.


Kitty Totes by Dear Daniel

Here you can pay to get a tote and customize it with 5 different stamps.

Post Office

Why our post office not so chio one? Haha. Here you can get a postcard in exchange for a game coupon and then mail it to yourself! Would have done it if I knew the games are so difficult to win... At least I get a post card for remembrance. Haha.

Would be awesome if there were Hello Kitty interaction time or shows on stage at intervals!

Merchandise Store
Outside, you can purchase some Hello Kitty Merchandise too!

Our incentive for exiting before 120 minutes.

Hello Kitty drinking water.

Can we have a Line Character Carnival in Singapore too?

Afterwards we went to RWS Sea Aquarium since we still have time!

Happy day!

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