Monday, November 30, 2015

Staycation at Marriott Hotel

A couple of months back, I had a staycation at Marriot Tang Plaza Hotel! Took a long time to complete this blog entry because I took so many photos! (Plus my mum is watching Hong Kong drama beside me and I kept getting distracted because the storyline's so exciting!)

I love staycations. Weekend staycations are so convenient, it's a nice way to relax and have a short break without having to hop on a plane and fly elsewhere. No planning required, just book a hotel and check in.

The service extended by the staff was warm and friendly during our check in, which marked a good start to our stay for the night.

Walking towards our Pool Terrace room at level 5, which was right infront of the pool! Yep, instead of the conventional executive room, we had a peaceful resort experience in the middle of Orchard Road.

Each Pool Terrace room comes with a private veranda space right outside.

This is the room we had! At 42sqm, it's quite spacious!

It felt so cozy the moment I entered. I could stay in the room the whole day! The TV featured local as well as cable channels, and there's a DVD player with movies for rent too!

There's also radio which we used at night (love sleeping to music!), an ipod dock, and 3 phones.

King size bed with six pillows so soft and nice to hug.

Comfy couch beside a huge window facing the pool.

I love the bathroom here! It is huge and has everything provided, with two robes, two basins, vanity area with lit mirrors, separate room for showering, slippers, hair dryer, etc! I love the stone wall behind the mirror, and how its design allows sunlight to seep in! A modern and clean resort villa.

The bathtub beside the bed has blinds which can be lowered down if you need privacy.

The little details ensuring a comfortable stay.

The room had this coffee maker too! I had fun making coffee out of these capsules for the family! Usually I can't be bothered to boil water and brew coffee but using this? Ok no problem! Haha.

If you don't like capsule coffee, there is also powdered coffee which is quite convenient too.

Snacks! 24 hour room service by the way, which is awesome because I often suddenly want supper late at night.

Sis also came to join us after her driving lesson~ Pic of her and mum outside our room.

I'm wearing black top and printed skirt from! Join the mailing list today for a free x'mas gift! Limited time only :)

After we settled in, we went out for a swim in the pool which is just right at our doorstep. How awesome is that?

Time fly fast when we are having fun. After a shower, we went to explore the hotel premises... There's a garden area near our pool terrace room too!

Our room comes with access to the executive lounge at level 27, so we went up to take a look.

Privileges at the executive lounge includes complimentary internet access, perfect if you need a quiet space to do some work. Breakfast, cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, desserts are also served at selected timings.

View of Orchard road from the lounge.

Went down to Pool Grill for dinner after that! There are also many other dining options within the hotel, for example Crossroads Cafe and Wanhao Chinese Restaurant (me and mum love the dimsum here!)

I've always wanted to dine at Pool Grill and finally did. So happy!

For our starter,we both chose foie gras. Yum yum!

The lobster bisque was very rich, but it was overpowering for mum... Should have ordered the wild mushroom soup with shaved truffle for her!

Mum's main course... Poached lobster tail and braised beef ribs.

Seared lamb loin for me.

I ordered Pannacotta for dessert, but it was nothing compared to what mum had....

Mum ordered the Bombe alaska! The staff lit alcohol and poured it on the dessert.

Such a unique presentation!

It was such a satisfying dinner for us and the service staff were very nice too. Love the hospitality here at Marriott.

For those who want some after-dinner drinks, can head to Java+ at the lobby!

Dad dropped by and we went out to Orchard road to walk walk!

Orchard road still crowded and busy at night.

Korean supermarket at Far East Plaza which was just walking distance away.

After awhile, we went back to the hotel. Such a pretty sight at the swimming pool!

Like other luxury hotels, Marriott also has a pampering spa with refreshing massage, and also a gym which is available for use 24/7.

We were given a SG50 pack since it was just after National Day. Nostalgic games for us to play with and snacks to munch on!

Had a great sleep under their comfy covers and woke up to breakfast!

A spread is served at the lounge if you prefer a quiet morning.

But we had ours at Marriott Cafe because there was a wider spread there and we couldn't resist.

One of the better hotel breakfast buffets we've had in awhile.

Hanged out around the pool before our check out time.... So reluctant to leave :(

I could lay here all day. It's just so peaceful here, as though I'm a thousand miles from the busy city, although I'm actually just a wall away from it. Haha. This is definitely a great choice for city dwellers like myself to feel away, yet still within reach of the city and modern amenities.

Chilling by the pool with a drink in my hand. (Nah, who am I kidding, I don't even like alcohol. Haha.)

Wearing romper from! The material is really good and I like the flattering cut which accentuates my waist!

After checking out, we went to Itacho nearby!

Some of the must-orders everytime I come here.

Grilled squid~

Love the soy-salmon sushi plus they are so cheap at less than $1 per piece if I remembered properly! Such a pity that they have limited servings for this promo. I don't mind paying full actual price for these! In fact, they are my favourite at Itacho.

Thanks Marriott Hotel for the kind invitation to experience such a wonderful and comfortable stay!

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
320 Orchard Road, Singapore 238865

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