Saturday, December 5, 2015

Bed Habits

I'm quite an untidy person. I like mess. I find comfort in clutter. I love to leave things around. I'm ok with dust. (But I cannot accept visible dirt, stains, etc.)

While reading someone else's dayre, a thought came into my head.

I don't pull my sheets after I wake up. I usually leave my bed as it is, and go back to it at night. Blankets not folded, soft toys everywhere, pillow not where they supposed to be.

And I suddenly wonder, is my bf ok with that when we move in together in the future?

I remember whenever I visit him at his house, his bed is very neat de. And at times when he naps, I notice he doesn't even unfold his blanket. Don't tell me he's very particular about neatness?? Jialat jialat. Then confirm next time every morning I need to hear him nag.


I remember there was once I told him something about mopping the floor just once a week and he told me at his house his maid mops every day and he doesn't like sticky floor. I told him "then u ownself mop lor". Hahahahah. If got maid I also will ask her mop everyday. But if must ownself mop, then err wait till it's dirty lor. Lol. Double standards. But I really don't find the floor sticky what.... It won't be if you wash your feet immediately every time after coming home.

I think must set up a rule before we move in together. If he expects chores to be done a certain way, he gotta do it himself. Actually it'd be great if he can settle all the chores because i hate housework. Not that I don't know how to do, but I dislike doing it and it makes me an unhappy girl whenever I am required to waste my time on chores.
I think all the housework that mum made me learn since young so that I can be a good housewife kind of backfired because I hate it so much now that I would refuse to do it if I had a choice?

Well at least I know how to do and I can do if I have no choice but it's just that I'd rather not.

I guess that's always the case. I came from quite a strict family and all the curfews made me crave freedom so much more than other kids who are allowed to go out and have fun. I'd jump at every opportunity to hang out. Then when I grew up and mum loosen her grip, i started preferring to stay at home because heading out is not a rare opportunity anymore. Maybe mums should restrict daughters from doing housework so that they will love chores next time?

Hmmm quite unlikely. Hahaha.

Why would anyone want or like to do housechores anyway?

Dreamt that my bf dabao lobster roll for me and apparently the new flavour is vegetarian. Inside all truffle caviar, slices of raw carrots, and other veggie. No lobster meat. Lol. Plus it's $100+ per roll.


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