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My Merry Christmas 2015

The only reason why I can blog this so quickly is because I updated on Dayre that day so I just have to copy the entire post over. Hehehe. I've so many other backlogs but I'm lazy to sort the photos and think of captions. I just wanna watch videos on YouTube all day longggggg.

On Christmas Eve, bf came over for a Christmas feast with my family again! We've been doing this for the past couple years hehe.

We are meat lovers!

On the platter are lamb chops, pork belly in red wine sauce, pork sausages which are oh so yummy and chicken drumsticks in teriyaki sauce!

For sides, we had some fries and coleslaw. Finished everything among us 5!

Next is presents time!

Bf picked me up from work before driving me home and when I got into the car, I saw these 5 staring at me. Hahaha. Bf told me in advance that he was fixing the present he got for me, so I thought it must be some jigsaw or nanoblock thingy. True indeed!

What I didn't expect was this!!!! He bought the kit and set up this entire house himself. I like it so much!!

Dad say, "Wah, I also want to live in such house!"

Then I told him, "Er, this house actually very small leh, our current apartment is so much bigger. Hahahaha"

He bought the boy and girl figurines separately.

The white poolside chair was also bought separately! Hehe. What a nice addition. But it's smaller than the figurines..... Maybe it's for the dog. Hahahah.

Bedroom. He told me the chandelier actually can switch on light de. But he couldn't figure out how to make it work so he cut the wire and let it be.

I ask him next time issit our house if he can't figure out the lights he also will cut off the wire and let it just be decor? Lol.

Everything is fixed by hand. The pillow, the lamp, everything!

Cups, books, cushion.... All the little details. His fingers are so huge, I wonder how he managed to create these little crafts.

Two folded clothes slotted under the sink. Hehe. And those jars.....

Are those cups of candy floss??? Lol.

Love it!

I felt so guilty afterwards cos the presents I gave him felt like rubbish in comparison. He lah, told me he giving me a useless present, so I thought nothing much.

Gave him a mini fan that works when connected to the phone, a fishbone comb (funny mah no meh? Haha), ferrero rocher, and a craftholic keychain.

Asked him if he liked the gifts and he jokingly said he's gonna take back the house. Hahahaha.

This was probably him that day. Lol.

Mum gave me these jewellery!! :)

Me, Sis and dad shared to buy a craftholic large bunny for mum.
For dad, me and sis shared the fan thingy and two phone covers, while mum separately bought him a tee. Really very hard to buy presents for men lah!

Got my sis a Pandora charm. Knew she'd love it because someone gifted her an empty pandora bracelet on her birthday and it has been empty for months already. Finally she has one charm on her chain now! Hahaha.

Told bf to not buy Pandora chain for me because I don't want to spend all my money on those expensive charms! I don't mind if someone else spent thousands on it for me but I don't want it to be my bf. Haha. Bohua lah I feel. Those money can treat me go eat good food. Or a nice bag. Haha.

In return, sis got me this accessory set from Lovisa.

So happy to see everyone happy with the gifts I got for them! Except bf lah, not sure if he likes my presents. Haha.

On Christmas Day itself, my family went to watch Alvin and the chipmunks! Theodore is so adorable! Love how innocent and fat and gluttony he is.

Took a cab from Suntec to gardens by the bay but there was a traffic jam so we got out of the cab midway and ran across the street full of cars.

Plan was to go to satay by the bay for dinner first, then view the Christmas lights at the garden.

Wah, not sure if it was a good idea to leave the cab cos it was a long long long way in! Luckily the sun was setting and it was quite breezy.

Ordered the $15 portion of the Hokkien Mee because the other time we came, it was so good that $10 portion was not enough. Haha. It was so worth it cos the plate was huge and the prawns were plump and fresh. But so many people and the queue was long, so abit sian half.

Pork belly satay, lamb satay, and pork satay. So good!!!! I don't usually like satay but these were very delicious! Still having a sore throat but heck it lah, come all the way here must enjoy!

Huge barbecue prawns!! Five not enough I want moreeeee.

Me: "this one the flesh like not as smooth as the usual stingray hor?"
Sis: "it's no difference from eating normal fish."
Hahahah. Both ways of saying the stingray not awesome. But the Chilli quite nice! But very spicy, can't believe I drink finish all my Coke already my tongue still spicy!

Sambal sotong!

Finally time for the lights! It was so crowded there and everyone taking photos. It's like no matter where I stand, I am in someone's photo's background.

We spent a long time taking pics at the first light we saw. Sis was saying, "This is just the entrance!" Hahahahaha.

This photobooth super cool! They are actually lying on the floor, then the photo is taken of the mirror. So funny the guy holding an empty McDonald's fries holder.

Carousel! Checked out the prices for rides and most of them are $8-$10 per ride. Cheapest is train ride at $6. And parents will always bear to spend on their kids if they can! Imagine the kid ride twice on each, it's almost a hundred spent! Go universal studios more worth it. Haha. maybe next time I will tell my kid, "just one ride ok? Then put him/her on the train ride. $6 only. Hahaha. He/she don't get to choose. Lol say only lah maybe I'd be one of those that spend $100 on rides. Jialat.

So many minions!

Then when we wanna go home, at the mrt station there was a winding long queue with prams and elderly people waiting to use the lift. Next to the lift was a long stretch of staircase down.

Afterwards at the control center, we saw a winding long queue again to top up card. Lol. Those people who left with insufficient value in the card at this time sure feel damn suay and "should have topped up earlier!"

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Tomorrow's Monday. Back to work and last few days before we hit 2016!

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  1. Hi Esther, Merry Christmas :) May I know the name/brand of the kit house that your bf bought you?

    Thank you :)