Monday, December 28, 2015

Random Today

Good morning! Was planning my outfit last night and picked out a nice blue dress. Just before I went to bed though, I started to think it was abit too dressed up for work. So this morning I anyhow chose a top and skirt.

End up too casual lor. Machiam weekend. Hahaha. Still in denial of Monday.

Am I the only one who dresses up during weekends and dresses down during weekdays?

Somehow I always feel abit wasted if I wear nice to work. 神经病. Lol.


Not posting this photo on Instagram cos the positioning of the dishes abit off. One side got color another side no color. Luckily I still have dayre. Haha. This is proof that not all photos can be saved by vscocam.

Smelling like Korean food now but I got my cravings for kimchi pancake fulfilled! Nice catch up over lunch with cm and eugene :)


The grumpy toilet aunty working near my office is forever screaming her lungs out agitatedly at someone over the phone. Very drama leh.


Stocked up on my frisky bits so that I don't have to keep buying three by three. There's no such thing as unfresh in world of #nekoatsume. Haha.


I think my bf secretly don't like me cos just now when we both approached a wrong direction escalator, he turned away quickly but didn't tell me/pull me along. He want me to roll down the escalator. So evil!

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