Sunday, December 6, 2015

chivalry is attractive

This new update from 啾啾妹 reminded me of a funny trait my bf used to have.

I remember when we just got together, if I meet him after shopping, he would help me take all my plastic bags but leave one with me.

For example if 5 bags, he'd take 4. If 2 bags, he also take just 1!

I can understand if I have like 10 and he expects me to take 5 while he take 5. After all, I can take all 10 myself if I wanted to but I'd rather my guy be gentlemanly and help me with it lah.

But 2 he also want to split the job?! Lol I remembered I made a fuss out of it one day cos I found it quite ridiculous.

Somehow it feels like he's trying to teach me to be independent? Haha. Like a Father teaching his little Daughter, help her take but make sure she carries one herself -.-" plus he loves nagging me like how a Father does to Daughter! Hahaha. I told him I'm his Girlfriend leh not Daughter. Lol. I'm not sure if he realises it before I mentioned to him.
Luckily now no more already. Actually, i think is because he no longer follows me around while I shop 😭😭😭😭😭 now he wait in car so all I carry😩

No lah... Actually I prefer to shop alone. But it'd be great if can pull a market trolley around to put the plastic bags. Often I end my shopping only because the bags are too heavy for me to carry already, not because I really finished shopping. Haha.

Also, speaking of chivalry I think it's nice for guys, even if just friends, to help girls carry stuff. But I dunwan my own bf to be so gentleman to anyone else except me lah cos I selfish hehehe. Plus I like guys who are cold to everyone else except me. But then bf is the opposite. Nice to everyone else except me grrrrrr 😠😠😠

(Anyway, handbags! I feel that unless the girl got genuine reason to ask someone else to help hold for awhile, she should carry herself)

I suddenly thought of 徐太宇 and how he took care of 林真心。Really quite nice to have someone like that hor?

Ya lah ya lah I'm not over 我的少女时代 yet. I still think about 徐太宇 from time to time. Lol.

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