Friday, December 11, 2015

Gift Wrapping For Lazy People

It's the season of giving! I love preparing presents and receiving gifts, but one thing I really dislike is wrapping them! I'm usually okay with crafts but I'm terrible at gift wrapping! I'm too lazy and impatient, and most of the time I just can't fold the wrappers nicely. People who have received presents from me before would know. Haha.

Here are some tips for the rest of you who are the same!

Use thicker wrapping paper. I've used normal paper wrappers before and they are actually more difficult to wrap, plus any flaw can be seen easily. Use hologram glossy wrappers like these! Also, using double sided tape instead of normal clear tape will make the wrap look neater.

1. Decorating a plain wrap

Got a nice square/rectangular present? Lucky you! These are much easier to wrap and some people can even do fancy folds but if you are lousy at it like me and wanna hide a particular ugly side, or just want to add some decor to a plain wrap, just cover up with colored tape! I chose red and white stripes for the festive season!

Another idea is to buy some pretty gift tags to paste on top. Instant decor!

2. Gifting small items

If you work in a big corporate office, you'd have plenty of colleagues to gift to and you're probably not that close to them. I used to pack little accessories/cosmetics to give to these people. How do we wrap them? They are often irregular in size and wrapping them normally would look very small and not pretty at all. Especially when I give earrings, the stick would poke through the wrapper if I just normal wrap them!

Here's a way to wrap these small gifts! Cut a piece of wrapper, size ratio 2:1.

Fold into half.

Fold the sides with double sided tape, drop the gift in.

Instead of closing it the envelope way, seal the top like this!

It will become a triangular shape which looks quite cute and more presentable. Also, it makes the gift look bigger! Hehe.

3. For very lazy people

This method is my favourite. Buy kraft paper bags and colored tapes.

Put items in and seal with tape. So instant!!!

Another way to do it is to seal the paper bag by folding the top, then stick a folded circle tag/ paper dolly. I'm planning to do this for my Christmas presents this year! Save time plus looks good!

4. For irregular shapes

Seal it with a candy stripe tape! This is awesome for lazy people because it's so easy, but still presentable without having to be super neat. However, do cut a longer piece so that the top part is higher though, mine's too short here!

5. Easy but unique

If you have some leftover unwanted cloth around, this is a super easy way that doesn't require any tapes!

Just wrap and tie a knot!! Looks pretty dainty yeah? No? Haha just go google to see how some people do it, very chio!

If all else fails....

A.) Buy a present which already has a nice packaging and paper bag.

B.) Buy a nice box from Daiso. Do number 1 on this entry.

Have an awesome festive season! :)

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