Sunday, December 13, 2015

Easy Last Minute Christmas Treat

Saviour to that present you forgot to get for Christmas!

Forgot to buy Christmas gift for a love one? Here's an easy last minute fruity treat you can make!

Three easy steps!

You'd need:
Strawberries, green apple, grapes, salad and salad dressing. (Note: Inaccurate photo because I accidentally took photo of the jam instead of the salad dressing because they were in similar packaging... The label here is photoshopped in :x )

1. Arrange the salad in a bowl and add some grapes in.

2. Slice a green apple, cut small cubes of grapes and strawberries, plus a star shape using the strawberry.

3. Arrange the fruits into a Christmas tree! Extremely easy!
I especially chose these fruits because they are colorful and festive! Makes a nice sweet treat :)

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