Wednesday, December 30, 2015

10 cents eggs and toast

Lunch today.

Scrambled eggs and toast are $3.90, which includes a coffee or tea. If want ice tea add $1, ice cafe latte, add $2.

Total I paid $5.90. Then I realise ice cafe latte on its own is usually $5.80. This also means that I paid only 10 cents for the egg and toast!

The auntie in me can't help but dayre this shiok moment. Hahahaha.

I'm the type that finishes all the butter given to me. Hahahah. Even if I have only 1 small loaf of bread and the waiter gives me 3 packs of butter, I will finish all 3 on that single piece of bread. Haha. Very fattening!

Me to my sis. Hahahaha. 自问自答.

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