Friday, January 1, 2016

Hotel Tanglin Jen

Happy New Year!

Lets start 2016 with a happy post. My staycation at Hotel Tanglin Jen after the Nuffnang Blogcon! Each of us were sponsored a room to stay for the night, how awesome!

I loveeeee staycations!

This doodle right at the entrance says its all. Hotel Tanglin Jen was going to be different from the rest. Initially Traders Hotel, it recently went through an extensive S$60 million makeover and now delivers a sincere and unique experience for all guests without compromising on quality and comfort.

The lobby wasn't ready yet while we were there, but it has since revealed its new look!

Time to check in!

The stylish room! Doesn't it look homely? #thatjenfeeling

There are four contemporary locally curated wallpaper designs highlighting a Singaporean Theme. We got the bicycle sketch! Other rooms featured orchid, goldfish, or shophouse.

Free wifi by the way!

View from our room~ We were facing the pool!

Back to earlier that afternoon, we were hanging around the pool to take photos for a photography workshop and the best photo wins a Dell laptop. Didn't win but took many pretty pics for this blog entry!

With friendly Fioloh!

This photo below was my entry for the contest~

That night, we went out to Tanglin mall for dinner. Waited a long time before we got a table! It was fun exploring the side of Orchard which I seldom go to. Hotel Tanglin Jen's central location makes it easily accessible, yet private enough as it's located at the end of the busy city.

"Snow" playground outside~ I remember vividly when we were still kids, my parents brought us here afew times to play during Christmas.

Went back to the hotel to rest!

Bought some snacks from the supermarket! We often buy supper to eat at night whenever we stay in hotels. Feel very shiok!

Family photo in the room!

After a well rested night, me and sis went down to soak in the sun.

The gym beside the pool.

Though we had club lounge access, we went down to Ah Hoi Kitchen for breakfast first. There was a huge spread but we went down abit late, didn't manage to try everything!

Went up to the club lounge afterwards to relax.

Mum was very pleased with the selections of nuts and cereal.

The selection is smaller at the lounge but it's quieter, so I prefer having my breakfast here!

Went back to our room to rest on the comfy bed awhile more before check out.

We went to Marina Bay Sands! There were some Christmas exhibit so we took some photos.

We were there to watch Mickey's Music Festival! Enjoyed it very much! So many kids were cheering in the theatre!

Was a wonderful weekend well spent. ♥♥♥

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