Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Benjamin Browns

So this year, I'm 26 already. It's like suddenly I'm not a young adult anymore? In 4 years I'd be 30 and somehow I feel that I haven't really accomplished anything! I feel like at the rate I'm going, I'm probably only at 22 year old standard...! There's so much I've not done yet.

Time pass so fast! I just have to blink and I'd probably be 60 soon. Haha.

So anyway, today's entry is just some photos from the day we went to have lunch at Benjamin Browns. This was from half a year ago. Actually I still have unpublished blog entries from June 2015. Gosh.

Bf brought me to here because of this unique drink! I'm not a fan of thick milkshakes with all the sweet candy stuff on top though, so he drank it himself. It's too much sugar for me. Haha. I'd just have a cup of classic ice lemon tea.

The cafe was really crowded the day we went, plus almost all the tables ordered the milkshakes!

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