Thursday, January 28, 2016

Open Farm Community

Is it too late to go on a diet and be slim enough in time for CNY??

Arms and thigh super flabby now. Tried running on the treadmill last Sunday but only managed 10 mins, 1km, 86 calories. After the weak attempt, I was still determined so I wrote on my phone's notepad my plan to diet:

1. Less Carbs
2. Veggies in Every Meal
3. Run At Least 30 Mins Every Alternate Day
4. Drink Water Before Every Meal
5. No Snacks
6. No Sweet Drinks (Initially was this... then I added, "1 Teh Peng A Day" Hahaha. Cannot don't have Teh Peng!

On Monday, in an attempt to be healthier, I ordered soup with rice for lunch. Was feeling pleased about the amount of veggies I was eating when my mum called to ask if I want rendang chicken for dinner......  

Omg so fattening but how to resist???? Chicken drumsticks leh!!!

Told her to give me less rice (more chicken is fine). Hahaha. Not like less rice will make a difference but I guess knowing I didn't eat a full bowl of rice makes me feel better about the sinful meal.

Then on Tuesday, I had Yong Tau Fu, which is supposedly better than the usual food court fare.... But I had 3 fried ingredient out of 6 :x My colleague even asked me, "only 1 veg?" Hahaha. For dinner, I was rushing to get my hair done before the salon closes so I anyhow bought a packet of fried chicken chunks from a random stall instead of the one I usually go to, thinking it's all the same. If anyone think that fried chicken can never go wrong, it's not true! They went to put plum powder on it and it tasted so horrible, I went home to have curry maggi mee for supper. Diet? What's that?

On Wednesday, for lunch I had Mcdonalds' because they were giving out a set of adorable angpows for every Golden Treasure Burger! Super cute, they look like burger, fries, and coffee. By then I already forgot about my diet plan already. Haha. For dinner, I had Chong Qing Grilled Fish at Bugis. It was so SHIOK! Who cares about flabby arms and thighs now? Grilled fish in oily, yummy, chilli ~ I want!

And today.... I was craving for kebab and actually I only wanted the chicken kebab rice but the lamb looked especially juicy and I couldn't resist so I added lamb meat to my plate of chicken kebab rice. And I asked for no sauce (good), no veggie (what?!). Very yummy. For dinner, I actually only wanted to eat steam egg with rice but don't know why, I went to order steam chicken to go with it. Glutton indeed.

So yep, as you can see, I failed miserably for point 1 and point 2. As for point 3, I'd just say my last run was on Sunday. 4.... I've not been very diligently following this rule because er, I totally forgot. 5. I bought sweets today. Now I am more worried about getting sorethroat tomorrow morning. 6. Truth be told, I kind of naturally/habitually reach into my fridge for a packet of chrysanthemum tea every night. But the packet got a sign that says "Less Sugar"! Heh.

Hopefully I have better control next week.

What a long introduction for yet another food entry!

Awhile back bf brought me to this cafe called Open Farm Community, which has an interesting concept. It's part of Spa Esprit Group's initiative in spearheading local farming and connecting the community to nature. Whatever it is, I'm up for any yummy food!

I sat outside because it looks like a nice place to sit and spend the afternoon at!

Inside is quite nice too.

No caption for the above photos because actually I already forgot what we ate and how it tasted. It was so long ago!

But I remember the below! Alvin joined us after that and we went to have cod fish steamboat at this old rundown place and IT WAS SO GOOD. As usual, we over ordered for three pax, but we finished everything! And I forgot if it was the meeswa or beehoon that is heavenly, but one of them is super yums! And the omelette.... such a simple dish but done so well. Sometimes, these old food places are the ones with the best food.

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