Monday, January 25, 2016

Last Minute Diet Won't Work

Issit too late to go on a diet and be slim enough in time for CNY??

Arms and thigh super flabby now. Tried running on the treadmill yesterday but only managed 10 mins, 1km, 86 calories.

Then today, in an attempt to be healthier, I ordered soup with rice. Was feeling pleased about the amount of veggies I was eating when.....

*phone rang*

My mum called and ask "you want to have dinner home today? I'm cooking rendang chicken."

Omg so fattening but how to resist???? Chicken drumsticks leh!!!

Told her to "give me less rice (not like it will make a difference but I guess I'd feel better about the sinful meal. Haha.) More chicken is fine." Hehehehe.

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