Tuesday, January 19, 2016

J65 Buffet at Hotel Jen Tanglin

Last weekend, I was invited to Hotel Jen Tanglin to see the newly unveiled hotel lobby which was still under renovation during my staycation here last year. I also had lunch at one of the hotel's restaurant, J65. The name represents Jen and the country code of Singapore, 65. I thought it was quite a cute name, which highlighted Hotel Jen Tanglin's quirky side. The hotel is full of character, yet never compromises on the comfort and experience of its guests.

The buffet spread at J65 features many local food so I think it's a suitable place to bring your foreign friends for yummy local food in the comfort of aircon! I am rarely impressed by buffets but I was like wow wow wow when I walked around the spreads before eating.

Couldn't resist and had chicken rice for my first course. The accompanying rice balls are fragrant and much better than many chicken rice stalls in coffee shops out there.

Another local dish served here is the laksa, and in so many different variations! Me being typical me, chose the safer choice of Singapore laksa, topped with a lobster. The gravy is nice, not too milky and the spicy level is just right.

Bf had the Penang laksa, which was good too. There were also others like Sarawak, curry, etc

For western dishes, remember to try something from the carving stations. Not like other buffets where there is usually only one type of meat, there was an entire table of chicken, ham, beef, and fish! I was so spoilt for choice and with everything so nicely presented, I went shutter happy.

In the end I chose chicken and ham. Was expecting to be disappointed because I've tasted many bland and dry meat from deceptively yummy-looking meat on carving stations at one too many buffet restaurants. I was in for a surprise because the meat here turned out yums! The ham was soooo tasty! To think I left the carving station to the last because I didn't think I'd like it. Regret max cos I was so full by then and couldn't eat another plate.

There are also a few salad selections for the health conscious peeps. For me, there were so many choices I didn't bother to try any veggies cos my stomach prefers meat. Haha. For those who love seafood on ice, there's many choices too, ranging from oysters to prawns to crabs. For people like me who prefer savory and hot, there's chilli crab with mantou, as well as salted egg prawns!!! J65 definitely knows that pleases people. Haha.

For desserts, I spot a rainbow cake! Took a photo when we walked around checking out the spread before eating. Can't believe I forgot to have a slice after I was done with the main courses!

Drinks include carrot juice, fruit punch, and soya bean with grass jelly. Service was superb, everyone was so nice and polite and helpful. There are also singers singing live in the restaurant while we dined and it made the experience even more enjoyable. I highly recommend this place, do check it out. Price from S$88++ for adults.

Hotel Tanglin Jen
1A Cuscaden Rd, 249716

For reservations: 6831 4374

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