Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy Occasions

Yay! Another one of those random entries!

Plenty of photos ahead, compiled over the recent months~ I always find it a hassle to upload blog photos, so sometimes I delay and delay until I have more than a hundred backdated photos. All not in sequence because there are too many to move around!


We booked two tables in a private room at Spring Court for the Grandpa's 70th birthday. The room came with KTV so we all had fun belting out songs! So focused on KTV-ing that I didn't really pay attention to the food that night. I really cannot multitask. Haha.

Family photo of all of us! Baby Sophie was sleeping hahaha.

Baby Brooklyn's 1st Month

Attended Chelsea's baby Brooklyn's first month celebration :) All my friends becoming mothers already!

So adorable! Look like Chelsea alot!

Clare's Birthday Dinner

Met Clare for her birthday and we went to Marche! Finally got to eat the pork knuckle which I had been craving for since the last time I dined at Marche without having it! Really huge portion for me to finish alone!

Rare photo with this Clare!

My Birthday!

Soon after, it was my birthday and Clare treated me to jap food! Always love catching up with her because her life is quite funny. Haha. Still missing the ice cream waffle dessert we had that day!

Also met up with these girls for dinner! So sweet after dinner they surprised me with a birthday cake! :)

Family treated me to Jpot!

They also chipped in to get a treadmill for me because I've always been requesting to get one! Just a simple basic one so that I can add some exercising to my unhealthy lifestyle.

Milly got a pretty necklace from Tiffany&Co for me! Love it!

A pair of Gucci Shades which I really like, from Amber!

Cath Kidston from the team at Nuffnang and Churpchurp!

Nadia and Jacelyn got me this from Korea. They know I love Line Cony!!!

Also met up with Fiona and Maisarah together with our dates. Was such a fun night and great chat over dinner and after dinner. We should do this more often!

Present from Fiona!! This year really is awesome presents from everyone! I've always wanted a Tory Burch wallet!

Maisarah got me this pretty Enchanted Forest colouring book which is all the hype these days. Haven't started on it! Haven't got the time! Haha.

Also blogged about how bf celebrated my birthday for me on :)

Sis' increment

Sis got an increment at work and we took the chance to get her to treat us to 126 dimsum feast. Hehe.

Satay By The Bay

Having awesome food is a happy occasion.. Nuff said.

Wholly crab!

The night ambience here was quite nice to soak in. Blue skies, families, couples, happy times.

Yummy Korean Food

Met up with Christina for dinner one day and she said her colleague recommended this place near my office and so we went! Really very good! We had the drumsticks and the kimchi pancake, which was perfect.

The next table was eating hotpot and the fragrance was so enticing that I got bf to accompany me for dinner in the same restaurant the next day. Hahaha. It was very worth it because the ingredients in the set was quite alot.

Few days later when Nad came to meet me for dinner, I brought her to this restaurant again for the hotpot! Hehe.

Pretty Nails

Did this set of simple design at Milly's! I liked the combination of black, white and grey, as well as the marble art.

Was quite obsessed with 啾啾妹 for awhile and my frinds said, "don't tell me your next nail design gonna be her!" So I did it! Hahaha.

Current set of nails... It has been quite awhile since I put on embellishments on my nails but I couldn't resist when I saw the wide range of designs available! It's Chinese New Year soon, do book for your appointment early! Call 62386216 and tell them which outlet you prefer~ Available at Orchard, Bugis, and Suntec! For single colour gelish it's only $20 :) Get your eyelash extensions/ waxing/ IPL hair removal/ eyebrow embroidery done at the same time too, conveniently all in one shop!

Gathering at Fidelis'!

It was Fidelis' turn to hold a mystery makan dinner and she suggested to host it at her place, and told us to bring our partners too!

Met up with Nadia before that and we went to see her new house. Afterwards, we went opposite my BTO site to check out our building progress. This one quite long ago already. Now my unit already built!

Snacks for us while they work hard in the kitchen! Hehe.

Dinner whipped up by them! It was such an awesome feast of seafood. The taste is even better than what some of those restaurants serve outside! Really very good!

Fatty meow~

Group photo! Minus Jacelyn's husband who wasn't able to make it that night!

Played poker after that. Check out the golden cards!!! So nice!

But gold cards no use lah I also never win. Hahaha.

Food Food Food, and More Food

Dinner with bf and my family at this claypot rice place at Sembawang.

Churros 101! Finally tried it after all the hype! I like the sugar one :)

Chomp chomp after so long~~

Fiona's Birthday

Rewind to July, celebrated Fiona's birthday with Mai at Sushi Airways!

Milly's Birthday

For Milly's birthday in August, we gathered for Japanese dinner at Momiji! I was earliest to reach that day...! So I got time to take some photos first.

Hai Di Lao

Bf agreed to go Hai Di Lao that night so we had simple lunch at Tekka Market!

My new cony pouch!

Yay! My favourite steamboat place in Singapore! Hehe. WS recommended some prawn thingy which was soooooooooo good. They churn the prawn and then put it in a plastic for us to squeeze out. The shape is like a peeled prawn. Must order again next time I go Hai Di Lao.

Atika's Wedding

Attended Atika's wedding and met so many of my ex colleagues there! Her wedding had such a pretty set up and she was such a gorgeous bride that day.

Other random little things~

Me and my colleagues found this super yummy nonya restaurant which serves tingkat lunch of assam fish, chap chye, soup, omelette, and rice! Perfect meal lo!

Little Cony wants to eat too!

Kebab rice near my office. One of the rare kebab place I know, that serves kebab with rice! Cos I prefer to eat with meat without the crepes.

Didn't do much to my hair recently. Just do lots of Zeal Salon's hair treatment, which was fantastic cos I now have smoother hair as compared to last time!

Recently got my stylist Wayne to snip off afew inches too. First time customer promo for the festive season: CUT COLOR TREATMENT for just $188 – ALL HAIR LENGTHS! Not only that, they will also be giving out membership cards that entitles 15% off on any services and 30% off on birthdays. Loyal members also get a special gift by visiting during this promo period. Dial 6333 0337 for an appointment now!

Bought sadness after watching the movie because she's too cute.

I can eat the entire plate of samsui ginger chicken from Soup Restaurant all by myself~ hahaha.

So hooked on ice cafe latte recently! Not very economical for my wallet though. Haha.

Yummy lunch at Sumiya, ordered this upon Milly's recommendation. Very good indeed! Missing it very much wanna have it again!

Received this lovely sweet treat from Catandthefiddlecakes! Such pretty packaging, perfect for Christmas.

Inside the box was the "Naughty and nice" chocolate cheesecake. I liked the rich chocolate and smooth texture of the cake, but my favourite thing about this cake is the dazzling gold powder sprinkled on top! So pretty!

Wooo I like these shiny bottles that Silkpro sent. Vitair series for scalp and hair~!

Another treat from sis after she passed her driving license hehe.

Nothing much just Mahanttan Fish Market but the photo looks vibrant and nice, so why not.

Bf bought awfully chocolate for us one fine night. The layered chocolate cake is goodness!!! Now I know why people like them so much.

Spanish Paella for dinner myself one lonely night... Hahahaha. No lah ended worked and feeling like I should pamper myself so I walked into Marche and ordered this.

Treated my family to Paradise Dynasty because I recently found a new job :) Actually several months back already lah, my blog entry is just very backlogged. Haha.

Bf did some grocery shopping for me out of the blue one day! Hahaha quite amusing. He said there was a delivery order form going around in his office so he selected afew things for me too.

Surprise breakfast from bf several months back!

Went shopping with mum and sis and got so excited when we saw these line characters.

Dinner at Sum Kee again with bf, Alvin, his gf, and WS. This time wasn't as yummy as our previous visit though! Maybe we weren't so hungry this time. Haha. Still quite nice lah, plus the prices are damn good.

Dimsum lunch with mum and sis~

Attended bf's brother's wedding! The banquet dinner was really good!

Bf went to Korea and got these goodies back for me. He said that the shops there are very generous with their freebies so I get them too. Hehe. Very excited to try out the Laneige lipstick and skincare he bought! Plus lots of facemask from leaders, thefaceshop, and too cool for school.

Plus this Samantha Vega bag! Liked it very much! Wasn't expecting any real presents aside from snacks so I was very happy!

Lunch at Shabu Sai with my family. It was quite nice but I don't like steamboats with time limits... I personally feel that steamboat should be eaten leisurely!

Ending of the post with a cute collage of my favourite two baby cousins!

2015 has been a good year. 2016 please be good too.

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