Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Exclusive deals on Gumtree

It's year end soon! While reflecting on the past year, I realize that so much has changed since last year end. Actually, last year end was also very different from the previous year end. Hopefully next year end I'd be richer, healthier, and happier!

So anyway, something I love about the festive year end...

End of year = Christmas = Gifting season = Shopping!!!

If squeezing with the crowd at Orchard Road is not your cup of tea, the updated Gumtree app is here to save the day!

Shopping on Gumtree is so easy! With filter searches and simple navigation, I can search for almost anything on Gumtree, like clothes, furniture, electronics, books, concert tickets, and even jobs or properties! It's like a one-stop app for everything under the sun.

I've set up an account to sell brand new Lyra Minn apparels at exclusive prices of $5-$10!

YES, $5 - $10.

You can find me on http://profile.gumtree.sg/estherxie or download the updated Gumtree app on your mobile! Go to the new navigation tab "Discover" at the bottom and I am listed as one of the exclusive sellers under "Users". You can also find interesting stuffs at exclusive discounts from other curated users that Gumtree recommends under this section, or the ad section where the items shown are similar items based on your previous searches!

Here are some of my favourite pieces that I have put up for sale at Gumtree.

Fun and casual printed dress!

This floral halter dress has a very flattering cut which I absolutely love!

Sweet check dress, the material is really comfy and nice for our weather. Great for lazy days, just throw it on and out the door.

There are more on the app and I will also be updating more new pieces from time to time, and only a limited number of pieces per design so do follow me to get the latest updates and grab them!

Remember, only $5-$10 even for the new arrivals!!!!

They are usually sold for around $25 on the online store, so it's really a steal if you buy it at Gumtree! Exclusive only for you Gumtree users!

If you want to sell your items too, here's how simple and fast it is to post a free ad on Gumtree!

1. Take a photo of the item you wish to sell.

2. Input the description and hit submit.

After that, wait for the sale enquiries to come in! Super easy! There is a chat function too so buyers can just instant message sellers on the app itself, don't have to switch to email or exchange phone numbers! Very convenient for buyers and secure for sellers!

I'd be replying your enquiries so flood them in! Prices are slightly negotiable so don't be afraid to ask! But the prices really very low already and below cost, so maybe you can buy more than 1 to support?Then in return I post up more new designs more frequently? Haha. Ok? Deal? Deal!

Download the Gumtree app on your phone now! I wait for you ah!

Brought to you by Gumtree

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