Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Adventure Cove Waterpark!

I finally went to Adventure Cove Waterpark! I have never thought of visiting before because I cannot swim, so I didn't particularly put it on my to-go list. But since the Dolphin Discovery programme came with entry tickets to Adventure Cove, why not?

Here are some photos for memories sake!

Super love the BluWater Bay although I had to grab hold of bf because sometimes the height of the water goes too high! But quite fun bobbing along to the water!

Bf forced me to ride this slide although I already told him early that morning that I don't want to try any at all!

Afterwards he had to push me around the adventure river while I sit on the float. Hehehe. This was the best part of the entire day for me (not for him definitely. haha.) Good exercise for him!

Along the river we could see the rays!

Afterwards, we tried to go snorkelling! I thought it was supposed to be easy but guess what, I can't snorkell! I am too used to breathing through my nose so I couldn't coordinate to use my mouth instead. I kept trying to breathe with my nose and there was no oxygen in the mask so I kept panicking! Then even when I try to use my mouth to breathe, I kept swallowing seawater! Bf tried to drag me off the platform but my other hand was grabbing tightly to the floor mat refusing to let go. I think I was really scared then! In the end I didn't snorkell at all :( Now I really regret, I should have tried harder!

Collage of some photos! My eyelash first fell off after kena splash, then after a slide my makeup got smudged and gradually everything came off. Haha.

Afterwards we had dinner at the newly renovated Kushinbo at Suntec City. More variety now compared to our previous visit!

Hope bf likes the birthday itinerary I planned for him! Now.... it's time for him to start planning for mine! *evil laughter*


  1. Hello! Reading your post reminds me of my experience at Adventure Cove! When I went snorkelling previously, I had a panic attack too! Hahaha! Wasn't use to breathing through my mouth at all. Thinking back, it was really funny because it was just a small enclosure! I had the same sentiments and thought that I should have tried it again! It was such a pity I couldn't remain calm or else it would have been a great experience.

    Have a great week ahead! :)

    1. Yes, I was thinking, what a pity because the small enclosure is a good start! Most snorkeling opportunities are out in the sea.